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By Mike Johnson on 2019-06-15 10:00:00

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Why are so many wrestlers interested in going to AEW?  It's an unproven commodity while WWE is and always will be the standard.

Wrestlers are interested for a LOT of reasons.  One, AEW is paying a premium price for talents.  Two, it's the chance to be part of something new that has legitimate backing.  Three, there are some who are just tired and frustrated of being part of the WWE system, whether its the way the system works, whether its Vince McMahon or their own lack of push.  Jon Moxley has shown them there is an exit ramp if they wish to take it and bet on themselves.

So I'll admit I don't follow the TNA/Impact product since they left Spike. I just heard recently that there already has been a women's match in Saudi Arabia that TNA did. So what was the story there? Did they slip under the radar? Was there any repercussions? I know it's old news but it's news to me.

It wasn't Saudi Arabia.  In 2010 in U.A.E., there was a TNA- branded event that featured Madison Rayne & Sarita vs. Angelina Love & Velvet Sky.  That's the match you are thinking of, which pre-dated the Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss match in that country promoted by WWE.

In a recent article on your site killer cross mentions Scarlett Bordeaux having to have a second job. My question is what do they pay at impact wrestling? What does a low tier performer make? Roughly

We have heard of some talents being paid a few hundred dollars by the match and signed to deals, but the deals don't guarantee any set number of matches, so they could technically work once and never be used again but remain under contract.

Recently on a Q&A you mentioned the WWE schedule was grueling. What exactly was grueling about the schedule?

They were on the road 7 days a week for 1-2 months at a time, traveling back and forth across the country with no rhyme or reason.  Given how much harder the WWF rings at the time were to work in, it was a hellacious schedule, especially since everyone was working until late at night and traveling on the first flights to the next city.

Have you ever been to Japan?

Not yet.  I don't know when I'll go.  The flight and time it would take to travel and actually, you know, enjoy being in a foreign country for the amount of time I'd want to go (2-3 weeks) would put a huge dent in the site.  That's the same reason I've never gone on a cruise.  Given what I do here, I can't really unplug for a long period of time.  A few years ago, I drove Route 66 and was gone for 18 days but even then I had access to wifi via the hotspot on my phone and could stop to work if needed.  

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