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By Dave Scherer on 2019-06-16 10:00:00

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I have for one been really, and I do mean REALLY, critical of AEW for the pricing of the Double or Nothing stream on B/R live.  I have made comments to your site, as well as comments on various AEW tied YouTube videos about my feelings.  I think then, it is only fair of me to say that AEW is doing a good thing streaming Fyter Fest free on B/R live.  In essence, I am paying $25 a piece for each show, and I think that is more than a fair price given the amount of talent.  I'm not asking AEW to make all their content free, all I am saying is to offer what I consider an affordable price.  I think AEW should be commended for this decision.  In my opinion, charge $25 for Fight for the Fallen, and $25 for All Out, and I wouldn't complain at all.

I made that same point on last Wednesday’s show with Mike Johnson.  If it ends up they give us four 50 dollar PPVs a year and one or preferably two free shows in between, I have no problem with the price of the four shows.  I think the free shows are a great way to engage the audience and get them interested in the product.

Ever since the WWE Divas Division was rebranded as the WWE Women's Division, the female Superstars such as Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch are having more brutal beatdowns as opposed to just simple cat fights and hair pulling. Thoughts?

Yes, they are.

One of things I don’t understand is why wrestlers who lost in title matches like Corbin-Evans-Ziggler get rematches when they lost. One of the things that makes me more interested in ufc than wwe is if a champion wins his next fight is usually different but in wwe I see the same ppl fighting Ppv after ppv and losing each time which for me makes it hard to watch cuz the champ constantly beats the same person.

I get what you are saying but you are also forgetting that UFC is a shoot business and WWE is worked.  Feuds and rematches have always been a part of wrestling.  In a shoot sport, when someone gets a title shot and loses, he usually goes to the back of the line unless there is a controversial finish.  So the comparison doesn’t hold.

There's a ton of heat on Shane McMahon right now from fans and rightfully so.  I see all the questions and comments the site gets regarding the ridiculous booking of Shane.  My question is why are they booking him this way now at almost 50?  If he wanted to be an in ring talent why on Earth didn't he do it when he was younger?  If I didn't know any better I'd think VKM is trying to sabotage his own product.

Yeah, Vince isn’t doing that on purpose.  For whatever ridiculous reason, he thinks that booking Shane to be better in the ring than actual wrestlers, including top talent, is a smart thing to do.  He did the same thing with Stephanie, where she would berate people and never get what she should have had coming to her.  Maybe Shane will down the road but even if it happens once, it won’t make up for all that we have suffered through.  That kind of stuff turns people off but it entertains Vince, so we keep getting it.

Do you think that when Brock Lesnar finally cashes in the MITB case, it is not a question of if he will win but he will win the belt and we will be subject to a part time champion AGAIN?  Or do you think there is a chance, as slight as it may be, that something happen when he cashes in and doesn't win the belt for some reason? If he does win the belt I can almost hear the collective moan from all the fans who knows what is going to happen since we have seen that more than once from him.   

In a world where the head booker was sane, that person would realize that the booking of Brock as being better than all of the full timers was a big mistake and part of the reason that WWE’s audience share has dropped.  That booker would realize that Brock no longer has UFC to play against WWE when he is negotiating and would start using Brock as someone to help elevated younger talent so that five years down the road WWE is not bereft of top guys.  However, as mentioned above, Vince does a lot of booking that makes no sense at all so it really could go either way with Brock.  Sadly.

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