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By Mike Johnson on 2019-06-13 12:11:00

Impact Wrestling star Killer Kross appeared on Petey Williams' podcast last night and when asked about's report last month that he had requested a release from his Impact Wrestling contract, commented that our story was "100% correct" but that he was upset the story came to the public light, which is understandable from his perspective.   

As we reported at the time, Kross asked for a release after seeking a better financial deal from Impact, which offered a reworked three-year contract that was far below the six figure deal Kross was shooting for.  Impact sources, at the time, told that a release would not be granted but that everyone was still working together.

Kross noted that he liked everyone at Impact and everyone had been professional with him, but intimated that when he signed his deal, he did so after being led to believe there were not other opportunities for him elsewhere.  Now that he's learned there are, and he's aware of what others within Impact are getting paid, he sought to be paid something on that level or be allowed to leave to prove he could draw and earn that money elsewhere.  Kross noted that he has family members he is responsible for and as a man, it's on him to provide for them.     

Kross declined to comment on whether he would continue to appear for the company and declined to comment on how much time he had left on his current deal, but made it clear that he wanted to stay if everything could be worked out.  It's a very good discussion that is worth listening to if you want to understand things from Kross' perspective and he gives a strong accounting for himself in my opinion.

Kross noted that Scarlett Bordeaux's situation with the company is unreleated to his and is "worse" in that she's still living at home with her mother and needs a "side job" to support herself in order to perform in professional wrestling. can confirm that Impact officials sat down with Bordeaux last week in New York City and both sides are discussing the situation, but as of this writing, nothing has been resolved.  

Kross and Bordeaux both worked the most recent TV tapings. has been told by sources that both Kross and Bordeaux wish to remain and work for Impact but want to be paid at a better scale in order to do so.

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