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By Mike Johnson on 2019-06-13 09:05:00

The Main Event, the first WWE Studios-Netflix collaboration will be shooting this summer in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The filming will begin later this month and run through late August.

As exclusively broke back in February, WWE Studios have been working develop new, original feature films in conjunction with Netflix, with plans to release them via the streaming service.   The films will be directed towards family audiences.

The Main Event tells the story of a ten-year old boy who is bullied but dreams of growing up to become a WWE professional wrestler.   However, he gets to live his dream earlier when he discovers the secret to having super-strength in his breakfast cereal, becoming "The Spaghetti Kid."  We are told that John Cena is referenced in the film and has a cameo role late in the film.  The screenplay features small roles for Sheamus, The Miz and Bray Wyatt, with a number of references to WWE NXT as well.

The screenplay was written by Larry Postel, who wrote, Flip Turn, a feature film that was produced earlier this year but has yet to see release.

WWE has yet to publicly announce the film or the relationship with Netflix.

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