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By Mike Johnson on 2019-06-14 10:00:00

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Do you think The Velveteen Dream is trolling fans on social media or is he really blaming the main roster workers for the state of WWE?

I think he's obviously working but hitting very close and hard in order to elicit a reaction from the audience to make them buy into something during a time period where everything is so exposed.  I am sure it will get someone within the company upset at him, but if it makes people wonder and gets him attention, I think that's worth it.  Dream does a great job of cutting a swath between reality and kayfabe and maintaining that attempt to make the audience wonder.

Is Rinku Singh the same guy as the Million Dollar Arm baseball guy?

Yes, one and the same. 

What is your take on Killer Kross?

I've liked him since the first time I saw him on footage from an independent show in Las Vegas.  He carries himself like a star, is a great talker and a great character.  I think he's still improving in the ring, but as an interview and a personality, he's great.  I think he's done a great job for Impact Wrestling in recent months and hope that when their issues settle down, the company is paying him more money or he is able to head somewhere else where he can command a higher premium.  My gut is that in the end, he'll get the six figures he's hoping for from Impact.

In all of the years you have covered wrestling, have you ever seen a more brutal and grueling schedule wrestlers had to work than WWF in the 1980s?

Technically, I was in Junior High School and not covering wrestling during that time period.  I would agree it was insanely hellish.  

We are coming up on the anniversary of the Benoit tragedy.  Do you ever see WWE changing their stance on Benoit and putting him in the Hall of Fame?

You and I each have a better chance.  Benoit will never, ever be honored or celebrated by WWE, ever, nor should he.   No matter how you feel about him as a performer (and he was in the top 1%), they can never, ever celebrate him.

Do you think Bill Goldberg will wrestle again?

Unless he's been hurt to the point WWE will medically disqualify him, as they did Sting, I can Goldberg wanting to come back and having at least one more match so he's happy with the final bout.  It sucks he got hurt against Undertaker, but I respect that he tried to will himself to give the audience what he wanted them to get.  Whether the match should have been stopped is another story, but I respect his will to gut through it.

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