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By Adam Cardoza on 2019-06-12 23:10:00

Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory: Episode 11”

6/12/19 Worcester, MA

Tonight was supposed to be Kris Statlander’s big homecoming to Beyond as IWTV Champion. After last Sunday’s events at “Secret Show”, where Kimber Lee was instrumental in Orange Cassidy regaining that title, she returns to us as a former champion, taking on Joey Janela. Tonight also features an open challenge by one of Beyond’s hottest tag teams, Bear Country and the Discovery Gauntlet, featuring the undefeated Thomas Santell. Hopefully, we get some additional Americanrana developments on the David Starr/Joey Janela situation and on Chris Dickinson’s path to Daisuke Sekimoto. A battle between Anthony Greene and Richard Holliday is on the books for tonight. Paul Crockett is joined in the commentary booth tonight by Chikara’s Director of Fun, Sidney Bakabella!

Bear Country is out first to issue their open challenge! David Starr’s music hits as soon as Beefcake says a single word. Starr is out to instruct the bears on how to give a promo from his lofty position as a veteran. It’s a little awkward but it works. David says he’s not here by himself...Legendary Independent Wrestler Eddie Kingston is here too. Goofy bit here where Kingston has signed his name away and will now be known as....ACH. What. They’re headed to the back to get ready and they’ll come back out to f—

Oh, they ambushed the bears! Ring the bell!

Match 1: Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake) vs David Starr & Eddie Kingston

Bronson is tossed to the outside initially, Beefcake fires back and the Bears are destroying Starr, who is wrestling in his street clothes. Bronson hung up on the rope and Kingston in to lay in some suplexes and lariats. Starr on for the opportunistic pin attempt and starts working over Bronson with a double underhook stretch. Kingston with big chops, Starr distracting Beefcake and Ref Dumeng to allow a LOT of cheap shots on Bronson, who finally hits a catch suplex to get the tag to Beefcake. The biggest Bear hits the ropes, destroys Kingston with a lariat, and hits a double fallaway slam on them both. Bears going for the finish but Starr cuts them off briefly, only to eat a double sit out powerbomb. Kingston working chops. Starr hits the suplex neckbreaker with Eddie’s help but Bronson kicks out! Beefcake with the boss man slam on Kingston! Bears going for the big splash again but Kingston pulls Bronson off the top. They chop Beefcake down with chops, forearms and kicks until Kingston hits the Backfist to the Future and Starr hits the German suplex for the pin.

Winners: Starr & ACH(Kingston)

Great showing from Bear Country, who showed their versatility in working on the defensive most of the match. Starr is always solid and Kingston looked into this fight tonight.

Match 2: Retrosexual Anthony Greene (w/ The Platinum Hunnies) vs Richard Holliday (w/ one)

Holliday wants a kiss from the Hunnies. AG gives him a punch. AG is all over Holliday with strikes and dropkicks. Holliday back with slams and backbreakers. Greene hits a trio of superkicks but Richard hits a swinging neckbreaker. Chops and elbows back and forth until Holliday hits a ripcord DVD and neckbreaker for a near fall. A frustrated Holliday hits another one but AG rolls up a crucifix pin for the three.

Winner: Anthony Greene

Quick sprint of a match that fired the crowd up. They love the hell out of Greene. This was more about what happened next: Post-match, Holliday is still attacking. Ken Doane and decks Angel Sinclair while AG is down. Josh Briggs is down to say that it’s fine if he wants to pick on Cam Zagami, but no one touches the Platinum Hunnies. Doane teases leaving but Briggs tosses him inside. We have a match!

Match 3: Josh Briggs vs Ken Doane

Kenny is getting rag dolled around. Forearms and elbows galore. Doane is tossed outside and Briggs lets a fan chop him. Doane targets Briggs leg and has him down in the corner. Doane rolls to the outside to grab a handful of powder. Ava Everett cuts him off and causes him to throw the powder in his own eyes. Briggs is up for a huge chokeslam and that’s the match!

Winner: Josh Briggs

Hell yeah. Glad to see Briggs get to look like a monster again, get a MOSTLY clean win and Doane get knocked down a peg. Great storytelling between these two segments.

Chris Dickinson is out to be special guest announcer for the next match. He says he’s not wrestling tonight because the locker room begged the wrestling gods for him to have the night off because they’re sick of being shown up. Next week, the Dirty Daddy doesn’t have the night off and he faces Shane Mercer next week!

Match 4: Youthanazia (Matt Cross & Josh Prohibition) vs EYFBO (Santana & Ortiz)

The ever-popular LAX makes their return to Beyond against a legendary indie wrestling tandem in Cross & Prohibition. Santana and Prohibition go toe to toe until EYFBO is able to toss both their opponent to the outside. They dive but cut off by hangman’s stunners from Youthanazia. Ortiz getting double teamed, near fall from a Prohibition Falcon Arrow. Ortiz getting all the heat until Santana tags in to clean house. Cross flips out of a rolling cutter but eats a facebuster. Ortiz in to sharpen his claws on Prohibition, but gets suplexed out of the ring. Santana left alone and Cross with a headbutt springboard cutter for a near fall. Youthanazia with a double double stomp into a DVD but EYFBO powers through. Cross gets tossed and Prohibition is left alone and is bleeding from his ear. Series of strikes and double flapjack suplexes secures the pin for Santana & Ortiz

Winners: EYFBO

A match that didn’t need a reason besides being really cool. Solid action between the teams tonight. EYFBO puts over their opponents as the tag team innovators they are. They say despite what anyone says, there’s only one tag team Ace in Beyond and no other team deserves that moniker. Wonder what this means for Americanrana...

It’s Discovery Gauntlet time! You gotta win it to stay in it. Tonight’s test is Chikara’s Travis Huckabee!

Match 5: Thomas Santell vs Travis Huckabee

They have a towel show-off, Santell has the clearly more popular towel. Once we’re past that, it’s GRAPPLIN’ TIME!!! Huckabee is working the leg while Santell is already working that sugar hold. They get into a single leg back and forth test of strength, rocking each other into pinning predicaments. Santell with a straight jacket stretch that Huckabee flips over into one of his own. They battle over a wrist lock until Huckabee gets a near fall on a judo takedown. Back and forth on attempts and we’re trading European uppercuts. Santell goes for a monkey flip but Huckabee puts him on the top and yanks him down into a bad landing. Huckabee works a stretch muffler on the injured leg on the outside. Santell gets whipped but can’t make the ropes. Huckabee trying to wrap the leg on the post but is stunned with a kick. The Nerd is barely on his feet but they are trading shots until Santell hits a fisherman’s backdrop and Michanoku driver for a near fall. Travis working from the bottom and gets the stretch muffler back on in the ring. Santell kicks out of it. Huckabee with a cloverleaf ankle lock that Santell twists out of, secures the sugar hold and drops elbows until Travis submits!

Winner: Thomas Santell

I can’t overstate how over Santell is here in Worcester and that certainly affects the match but these two put on a high-energy grappling clinic tonight. Very enjoyable technical match here!

Cam Zagami is in to interview Santell but he tells Thomas to interview himself, slams the mic into his chest and walks off. Hope this turns into something for a future Gauntlet match. Santell does, in fact, interview himself to cheer on the Boston Bruins (currently losing 2-0).

Match 6: Filthy Tom Lawlor vs Chuck O’Neil 

Two guys with MMA backgrounds and wildly different attitudes. Some standing kicks until these two tumble and roll, trying to gain position on the other. Standup. More kicks. Lawlor with the takedown and has O’Neil’s back. Chuck goes for a heel hook but Lawlor flips it into a sharpshooter until the rope break. Chuck with big German. Lawlor with a spine buster. Lawlor in Chuck’s guard and throwing thigh kicks and a big stomp. Chuck getting outworked on the feet, he needs to land something big. Few knees stagger Lawlor and Chuck slaps his mouth piece out. O’Neil throws some loud kicks to a seated Lawlor and land a big suplex. Chuck throwing slaps and elbows while in Lawlor’s guard. Tom uses his leg trap Chuck’s arm and transition into a cloverleaf chickenwing combo. Kicks and knees from Filthy Tom until he flips Chuck into a rear naked choke. Chuck’s got the rope! Lawlor throwing punches in bunches but Chuck weathers the storm. Lawlor working that RNC again but transitions into a standing dragon sleeper. Chuck slams out of it and puts in the armbar. Lawlor picks Chuck up while in the armbar and hits a MODIFIED STYLER CLASH. Chuck kicks out and transitions right back into the armbar and Lawlor taps.

Winner: Chuck O’Neil

Loved this. Good hard-hitting aggressive MMA-style contest and wow, that last move from Lawlor was something. Everyone hates Chuck O’Neil. Good. They should. He’s truly hateable.

Main Event: Kris Statlander vs Joey Janela

They go hold for hold to start. Statlander has an escape for most of Janela’s offense here. Janela headstands his way out of trouble into a figure-four. They flip through arm holds and take each other to the mat. Janela powders and returns to the ring with a new attitude, kicking a respectful handshake aside and landing some stiff forearms to Statlander. The Alien returns fire and they drop each other and kip up into another stare down. Fast paced sequence of reversals, Statlander misses a pair of spinning leg drops and ends up facing a Janela middle finger. The Bad Boy is throwing chops and the former IWTV Champion is chopping him from pillar to post. Janela starts mouthing off but Kris is throwing kicks for every insult. Janela strikes back but is tossed out and Statlander hits a moonsault from the apron. She misses the dive back into the ring and Janela locks in a painful surfboard stretch and then just pulls her back by the hair. Janela goes for a suplex but Statlander hits one of her and and followup legdrop for a near fall. Janela suplexes her into the buckles for a two count. Statlander back up with strikes but Janela clubs her back down. Statlander back up with kicks, a dropkick to the buckle and a facebuster for a two count. She goes for the tonic but Janela fights out. Huuuuuge suplexplex from Statlander! Two count! Statlander back up top but Janela hits a fisherman’s buster on her to the apron. Jeeeeeeeeesus. She barely makes the 10 count to the apron and Janela slams her into the center but she kicks out! Top rope splash! Statlander kicks out! Statlander with a thunder bomb and a 450 splash from the top and Janela kicks out! Trading frustrated shots in the center. Trading superkicks! Statlander with a destroyer! Janela with a follow up lariat to turn the Alien inside out! Janela’s under the ring and gets a door. He wants to bomb her into hit but she slips and hits a scissor kick for a near fall. She pops up Janela and puts him through the door with an electric chair drop. God, that door break sounds amazing live. Janela kicks out! Statlander goes for the tonic, Joey slips out and hits a spinning package piledriver but Statlander kicks out! Janela is getting another door and props it in the corner second ropes. Statlander eats another fisherman’s buster through the door and. Kicks. Out. We’re going full 5-star indie match tonight! Janela throws another middle finger and Statlander finally returns a double bird of her own...and immediately eats a superkick to keep her down for the three.

Winner: Joey Janela

Holy crap. What a crazy damn match. This was a half hour classic and is in the running for the best match on Uncharted Territory so far. You could say it went full Indy in the last ten minutes but it was the main event and the crowd was super into it and absolutely warranted here. Excellent energy from both people here, who were set in tearing the house down. Watch this damn match. Post match, they shake hands as the crowd goes absolutely bonkers for the match and Kris Statlander.

Janela’s on the mic and says they just had a better intergender than most same sex matches (with a nod and explicative chant to the man with the tennis racket). Janela calls out David Starr and challenges him to a match at Americanrana again. Starr says he’s a professional wrestler and Janela is a one-trick pony. Starr fights for the INDEPENDENCE of boys in the back and Janela devalues them with his work. Janela says no one will sign Starr to a contract because no one wants a cry baby like him on their roster. Starr says if Janela wants him at Americanrana....he’ll fight him....but Starr will beat him so much and so many times that AEW can’t use Janela anymore. At Americanrana, it’s Starr and Janela in a 60-minute Ironman Match.

Yes. Please. This angle was hot to death.

And that’s it for Episode 11! Wow, this might have been the best laid out show of the series so far, started slow(ish) and working through a series of escalating matches, the later ones each convinced me they had to be the match of the night. The undercard played to all the little storylines that Beyond has been organically developing for the last few months (without the need for a championship, mind you) and the main event was an absolute war. It could have stood as the last match of Americanrana if Beyond wanted but we got it here. This WILL be on IWTV within the next few hours. Do yourself a favor and watch this show.




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