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By Mike Johnson on 2019-06-12 13:14:00

The Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre will present their latest comedy wrestling league event, UCBW FINALMAGEDDON on Wednesday 6/19.  I've attended some of the UCBW events in the past and they are usually a fun, passionate comedic riff on everything we love about professional wrestling in its most over the top moments.

The league was founded in 2006 by comedian Charlie Todd and performs (naturally( at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre (UCBT) in New York City at their Hell's Kitchen theater.

UCBW wrestlers, comprised of members of the UCBT community, perform fully choreographed wrestling matches as part of their weekly Cage Match comedy show and in occasional all-UCBW-wrestling special events. 

The storyline leading into the UCBW FINALMAGEDDON event is that after 13 years of giving fans all-out action-packed wrestletainment, the entire UCBW operation is now in imminent danger of being sold to a mysterious cross-town comedy outfit which intends to move it away and force all UCBW talent to perform only hacky comedic wrestling. The UCBW was founded on "high quality comedic wrestling" so every decent UCBW wrestler and fan will be putting up the fight of a lifetime to stop this takeover sale from happening LIVE at the most special UCBW special event ever ... FINALMAGEDDON!

Tickets for the event are on sale at this link:

The show will feature a Wackadoo Championship Rumble, a Deed-On-A-String Match, and a Referees-Only Match. 

Some of the featured performers at the event will include:

Laundry Matt: A big man with pure passion for all aspects of laundry, laundering, and comfortable clothing.

Bear Grrls (& Cameraman Kevin): TV survivalist constantly drinking urine and playing up to her ever-filming assistant. Wears those shoes that fit around each toe.

Buffalo Elmo: At first glance, appears to be a large cuddly Elmo but at all subsequent glances, clearly a Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs-type wearing the red fur pelts of murdered Elmos. Lots of lotion.

Bloody Mary: Utilizes the superpower of her feminine flow which happens to be heavy at all times.

The Postal Worker Carl Malone (no relation): Always delivering like a pro and everyone loves receiving packages but not as much when they're unexpectedly filled with hands that flip the bird and punch.

Wall $treet: Cocky stock broker. Thrives on hate for all non-wealthy wrestlers and audience members but often unable to understand what is shouted back as he doesn't "speak poor."

The Spooky Skeletons: Two old-timey jiggly skeletons that are ... very SPOOOOKY!

Dusty Dangle: Human-sized ol’ western cowboy marionette. Sings and also quite jiggly.

Beach Cop: A beach cop keepin’ it safe and fun for everyone.

If you are a wrestling fan and a comedy fan, I guarantee you'll never see them crossed over this way like this before or since (at least, until you go back to another UCBW show).

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