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By Mike Johnson on 2019-06-10 13:26:00

For those who asked about Ace Romero after his match with Sawyer Fulton was stopped at last night's House of Hardcore/Impact Wrestling "Digital Destruction" event, we are told Romero is OK.  Romero was struck in the nose by Fulton's knee, which was obviously not the plan, when Fulton came off the top.  Romero went down and was staggered as his bell was rung.  He called for the next spot but when he got up, he was wobbly on his feet and the referee, concerned, halted the action.  Once the doctor took a look at Romero, he requested they stop the match as a precaution  The belief is Romero is OK and may not have even suffered a concussion, but in the moment, he had his bell rung.

A few readers asked about Great Muta not wrestling in Long Island.  He was never advertised to wrestle but to make an appearance.  While he did not step into the ring during the show, Muta was at the event, signing autographs and doing photos with fans.

The talk is that House of Hardcore will return to the Northeast in November.

House of Hardcore returns to Kingston, Ontario Canada this Saturday 6/15 at the Leon's Center featuring:

*HOH TV Champion Willie Mack vs. Sami Callihan with special guest referee Jimmy Korderas.

*Tommy Dreamer & Billy Gunn vs. Tyson Dux & Tarik.

*Madison Rayne vs. Jessie Mack vs. Beautiful Beaa vs. Addy Starr for Chinlock Wrestling Championship.

*25 Person Over the Top Rope Battle Royal.

*Swoggle vs. RJ City.

*Ray St. John vs. Sebastian Suave.

The event will be preceeded by a fan convention featuring Bret Hart, Mark Henry, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Jimmy Hart, Tugboat and more.

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