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By Dave Scherer on 2019-06-12 10:00:00

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I have seen a lot of people blaming Bill Goldberg for how bad Friday’s match was with The Undertaker.  They are acting like Taker was in vintage condition.  Thanks for being fair in your blog.  Do you think people blamed it all on Goldberg because they don’t like him and they do like Taker?

I can’t ever speak for why people say the things that they say but that is probably the case in at least some people.  They like Taker, they hate Goldberg, so everything that went wrong was his fault.  I am not saying Goldberg didn’t make mistakes, because he did.  But Taker did too.  Both men came dangerously close to doing damage to the other’s head.  And Taker clearly is much slower and less agile than he used to be, which is understandable given he is 54 years old.  Sending two 50 plus year old guys out to the ring in near 100 degree heat, after midnight, was a good recipe for disaster.  I really hope WWE thinks this kind of thing through before it happens again.

Lacey Evans. I hate the character. I find it offensive, especially when they have done so much to promote the women wrestlers. In your opinion, is this character Vince’s reaction to the women’s evolution? In other words, “get back in the kitchen, sweetheart.”

God no, just the opposite in his mind.  He is pushing her like a World War 2 woman to me.  Those women stood up and did everything to keep America running stateside when the men were off at war.  I think in his mind he is pushing her strongly.  I just think he doesn’t get what a lot of today’s fans want to see.  He thinks comparing her to Jayne Mansfield (who would be 86 years old if she were alive today) and calling her a sassy southern belle will resonate with his audience.  That explains a lot about the current direction of the product.

I’m more than tired of the foot-shuffling fool, Shane McMahon.  Other than being the progeny of the Genetic Jackhammer, is there a reason 49 year old Shane continues to get in lots of offense, and win matches, against much younger and better conditioned performers?  In a sense, he comes off as the new Stephanie, in that he never receives the storyline beatdown and defeat he deserves.

You hit the nail on the head, his DNA makes him unbeatable in a world where his father controls who wins, loses and looks good.  I agree with you in that they had better start start allowing the wrestlers to get some real heat on Shane or this will go from bad to worse.

Is WWE trying to ruin money in bank? Braun Strowman looked like an idiot when he failed to cash in and Corbin looked even worse when he failed? Now they come up with a stupid stipulation that Lesnar has to cash in cuz he said he would but didn’t. So then Lesnar destroys Rollins then says Friday like how stupid does Lesnar look for not cashing in? It’s stuff like this that makes people not watch.

I have loathed MITB for a while now since it’s a concept that has outlived its usefulness.  But yes, it’s gotten even worse the last two years.  Brock doesn’t even know the rules for carrying it?  Really?  That is just lame and I agree, the bad storylines are the primary reason that the audience is down. 

The Miz/Shane story seems to have died down in favor of Shane/Roman. So after months of Miz/Shane, Miz never got his big win? Shane basically won the feud? The almost 50 year old non-wrestler repeatedly beat one of the best in the company (I can't buy into Miz as a face, but he's one of the best heels in the business)? How can the whole McMahon family come out and talk about giving us new superstars (even though that's not the problem in any way with the product, but that's a different topic...) and then put Shane in a main story for 6 months, which he ends up winning, that then leads him to a feud with Reigns?? Unbelievable...

And you sent this before Shane largely dominated Roman before pinning him on Friday!  I don’t get it either.  Shane has a place on the show, for sure, but the way they are booking him at the expense of the working talent is not it.  It’s interesting to note that while Shane beat Roman, HHH did the job to Randy Orton later in the show.  One of those two bouts was booked correctly.  The other one was Shane’s.

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