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By Dave Scherer on 2019-06-11 10:00:00

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I keep seeing question in the Q&A section regarding the poor use of EC3.  Have you ever heard that Vince McMahon holds grudges or maybe even subconsciously doesn't push certain guys who made a name for themselves elsewhere?  I know there's exceptions like AJ Styles, but I don't think it's far-fetched at all considering how often guys who are seemingly no-brainers for a good push receive the exact opposite.

Only he knows for sure if he holds grudges but I don’t think that is the case here.  Impact wasn’t really even on WWE’s radar when EC3 had his run there.  I think it’s just another case of someone not immediately passing Vince’s eye test, and that was that.  I don’t understand it, never have and never will.

When someone is under contract as a wrestler and producer simultaneously, do they generally get to be in charge of their own match or is that considered a conflict of interest?

It depends on the company (and usually the budget they work under).

Ok, I know WWE creative is trash, there is no intelligent thinking, yadda yadda...  I get it.  I do have one question that is bugging me.  The new 24/7 title, why in god's name would anyone want that title?  You could lose it on the toilet in an airplane.  That's just unsanitary.  I saw on Youtube this morning, they were fighting for it on a golf course.  How is that not assault?  Did the golf course ok a pier 6 brawl on the third hole?  If you were teeing off behind the brawl, would it be ok to play through?  I will say, I never got the Hardcore title either, but somehow, that title kind of makes more sense than this one.

It’s Vince McMahon comedy.  They don’t present it as making logical sense.  They just expect you to laugh at it, not poke holes at the lack of logic.  What it comes down to is if someone thinks it’s funny, they won’t bother with how it makes no sense.  If they don’t find it funny, it’s hard not to see the holes.  But yes, I agree, who would want that Title, especially when the talents further up the card have already shown that they don’t want it.  So if you do want it, you are basically a low card guy with a limited future.  I wouldn’t want it for that reason alone!

You reported, "HHH said the other day, he sees talents being able to work in the non-main roster groups for their whole careers and make a good living." He sees what he wants to see. That doesn't make it true. Also, what he thinks is a "good living" may not be what non millionaires and other working employees consider "a good living" Ask Lio Rush. There are probably other that feel the same. The privileged class will never see how the non-privileged class lives. He, like Trump probably thinks you need ID to shop for groceries.

Actually, it’s you who sees what you want to see.  HHH wasn’t referring to a guy like Rush, whose actions put him in a bad position on the main roster.  He was talking about the future growth of the non-main roster brands.  Takeovers do sell out big buildings you know.  He was saying that as the non-main roster brands grow he could see talents working there for their careers and making really good money, without ever having to work on Raw or Smackdown (and believe me, there are definitely talents that would love for that option to be in place).  Guess what, some talents already are doing that.  You are way off base here.

I'll start this by saying, I enjoyed AEW Double or Nothing, but I did find quite things I wasn't a fan of. A lot of the presentation came off as a lite version of a WWE show, even in how they lit up the crowd on the hard camera side. That said, what kind of message does it send that all but one BTE regular (Hangman, SCU, Best Friends, Cody and the Bucks) all won their matches?

At this point in time it (hopefully) says we are a new company and we need to try and get our core talents over so that when they lose down the line to newer talents, it means something.  Whether that will be the case or not is to be determined.

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