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By Mike Johnson on 2019-06-10 10:29:00

There’s no official news on a new TV home but the hope is that something is coming sooner than later.

There was a lot of hustling yesterday afternoon before the Digital Destruction event as nothing was set up two hours before they were set to go on the air on Twitch.  It turned out that the Sports Arena in St. James, New York had double booked the venue and the ring could not be set up until a scheduled soccer game ended.  Shane O’Neil from New York Wrestling Connection and his team pitched in to help and everything was set up by 4:39, just 19 minutes before they had to go on the air.  Had they run late with the ring, the plan was to start streaming live with a pre-show featuring talents and the announcers talking to stall until the ring was ready.

There was a lot of talk online about the fan who was thrown out of the Philadelphia event, who was so belligerent in yelling at Taya Valkyrie that Tommy Dreamer actually addressed him from the ring mic.  There was video footage of the fan spitting at Taya’s back after she knocked a beer out of his hands.  That led to some fans blaming Taya for the situation, but having been there, she was certainly not in the wrong as the fan had been acting out all night before the main event.  The fan was finally removed when a security guard approached him and he responded by arguing with the guard, at which point security removed him.  There was a lot of talk after that had Atlas Security been there, it never would have taken to the main event for the fan to be tossed.

Impact had to toss another fan out of their second NYC taping for harassing Don Callis repeatedly, who was also tossed after repeatedly being warned.

The St. James event had in the 400-500 range.  Rich Swann vs. Teddy Hart is well worth tracking down from that show.

Brian Cage was at both HOH/Impact event signing but did not wrestler.

The Great Muta signed before St. James but did not appear in the ring.

This Friday's Impact Wrestling TV will feature:

*The North vs. Sabu & Rob Van Dam.
*Michael Elgin vs. Willie Mack.
*Jordynne Grace vs. Madison Rayne.
*Havok will appear.

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