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By Michael Liedtke on 2019-06-10 08:37:00

I was in the 3rd row for the HOH show right where The Great Muta and Tommy Dreamer's corner was and had a few quick notes to add from your coverage. 

    -Though the Chant for "F*** That Guy!" seemed to come from the corner where Elgin and Impact were, from our side, it looked like the chant was being directed at the problem ticket holder, (I won't call him a fan based upon his actions). He was yelling things at Taya Valkyrie like "Show your ass!" among other things, which, I believe is what prompted Impact to undo his belt on his tights and show his butt to the guy,  Security came over and was talking to him, at which point the crowd began chanting, "Throw Him Out!". Dreamer paused the main event match and grabbed the mic to try to diffuse the situation (I got the impression he really hates throwing fans out unless they're just WAY out of hand). For his trouble, problem ticket holder yelled to Dreamer that it was Philly as though that meant he could say and do what was acceptable 25 years ago in the Arena, as though times haven't changed. Dreamer responded that while it is Philly, the Philly fans have always understood respected the wrestlers and told him to sit down, and enjoy seeing The Great F'n Muta. Rather than take Dreamer's advice, moments later, he was yelling "Show Your T***" to Valkyrie. Since he was a husky fella, she yelled back to him, "Why don't you show us your t***?!" This led the crowd to chat "Show Your T***!" at him. She was clearly way more quick witted than he could hope to be. Security came over and he began pushing them, at which point, they tossed him. Unfortunately, that happened right around when Muta was entering the match, so it distracted from that special moment for a second. 

-In the Box Office of the 2300 Arena, they have one of the Taz vs Sabu Barely Legal posters framed on the wall. 

- At the end of his post show speech, after telling Muta how much he means to Tommy personally, and to the US fans, Dreamer tried to offer Muta the mic. He of course, declined. Tommy said Muta is welcome back any time and that he was ending the post show speech before Muta decided to give him a Shining Wizard!  

-Another Art upgrade- There's also a really nice ECW mural in at least the Men's bathroom-  yes, really!

-In the post match speech following  the Impact Plus feed ending, after  mentioning all of the exciting things that there are to watch in wresting right now, such as AEW, NXT and the Super J Tournament for New Japan, Dreamer said he will work with any companies he can to deliver a great show, getting a little cryptic, saying he has three contracts and the next time we see House of Hardcore in Philly it will be on a much bigger stage!        

- How NXT hasn't hired Guido as a trainer is beyond me. Some company should for sure, he hasn't lost a single step, and is great at conducting the crowd!      

- The show was well received to the point that I heard several who attended saying on the way out that it was the most fun show they'd ever seen at the Arena. 

- I actually saw Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie at Tony Luke's for a second after the show and told them what a great show it was. They were very nice and thanked me, and I thanked them back, since it was the most fun I'd had at a wrestling show, start to finish, in forever!

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