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By Adam Cardoza on 2019-06-09 19:05:00

Beyond Wrestling “Secret Show”

6/9/2019 - Ned Devine’s - Boston, MA

Beyond has long been trying to run a show within Boston city limits but had only gotten as close as Cambridge/Somerville until today. For their big Boston debut, Beyond is going back to their roots and running a completely unannounced card. No one knows who will be here or what the matches will be...and despite that, WE ARE SOLD OUT IN BOSTON! Paul Crockett has a secret commentary buddy today...It’s Richard Holliday. BOOOO!!! Let’s see what they have in store for us today!

Match 1: Jay Freddie vs Tristian Thai

Well, this is gonna be a good one! Jay Freddie’s has a string of good showing during the last few weeks of Uncharted Territory, most recently against Nick Gage. Thai was last seen in Beyond’s Discovery Gauntlet in an unsuccessful bid to take Mick Moretti’s spot. Freddie is ALLLLL intensity today and the crowd is very behind him. This is a lot of strikes and chops as they work the crowd into a frenzy. Thai with a brutal sling blade style neckbreaker. Freddie slams him back. Thai tossed to the outside but catches Freddie running on the dive. Freddie take a little heat on the outside and Thai dropping bombs from the mount back inside. Freddie fires back up with a diving European uppercut. Saito suplex for a near fall! Trading strikes in the center until Thai slaps on a front choke, which Freddie suplexes out of. Superkick from Thai! Michanoku Driver from Freddie! Two count! Thai almost closed it out but Freddie’s back with a running knee and double underhook powerbomb. Thai gets caught running into a release powerbomb and Freddie finishes the job with a shining wizard!

Winner: Jay Freddie

Great energy to this contest. Crowd was so into this. Seriously, this was the best crowd reaction I think I’ve ever heard for Jay Freddie. This is building for him and could be his breakout year. Couple of missed spots here and there but I blame the heat of the room contributing to a VERY sweaty pair of dudes.

Match 2: Gabriel Skye vs Brandon Thurston vs DL Hurst vs Big Bacon Brad Hollister

This here is a fatal 4-way between a bunch of guys who were all part of Beyond’s Discovery Gauntlet in recent weeks. Skye also had a fun throw down with Matt Cross back at Lethal Lottery. Big Bacon gets in everyone face and is immediately triple teamed to little effect. Hollister pops up Skye and gets double stomped. Hurst is all business and tosses everyone out. Skye recovers, tosses Hurst and hits a flipping dive on everyone. Bacon gets everyone up in a fireman’s carry for a triple fallaway slam! Wow! Thurston with a cutter to Skye and gets Hurst in a single leg crab. Hollister gets a crab on Skye and he and Thurston are trading shots from their crabs. Skye out but Hurst tosses him through the other two. Hurst with a burning hammer style double knee facebuster on Skye. Hollister up and killing everyone! Thurston catches Skye diving into a STF for the tap!

Winner: Brandon Thurston

Energetic match! Like last matche, a few spots suffered from sweat slippage but overall, this was a lot of fun.

Match 3: Thomas Santell vs Chuck O’Neil 

Huge “F*** You Chuck” for O’Neil and a great pop for Santell, wrestling his first match for Beyond outside of the Discovery Gauntlet. Chuck wants nothing to do with Santell’s nerd shenanigans. Chuck holds his jujitsu black belt in front of Santell. The Nerd has a present for Chuck. It’s a WHITE BELT. Good “You deserve it” pop from the crowd until Chuck uses it to noogie Santell. We get to business as a Santell and Chuck do a lot of grappling, trading holds & submissions, trying wear the other down. Chuck starts throwing kicks and rams Santell’s shoulder into the second turnbuckle. Santell is getting stomped out as Chuck continues to work that shoulder. Chuck with a deep armbar but Santell rolls through to the rope. Chuck in Ref Quinn’s face on the break, calling back to his DQ loss to Briggs. Santel uses the distraction to jack up Chuck’s shoulder, hit a boot and suplex. Chuck going for a German and Santel rolls through to the sugar hold. Chuck’s out. Chuck’s powerbombed but he rolls through to the armbar. Santell’s at the rope but Chuck won’t let it go. Quinn counts it out and Chuck’s temper get the better of him again!

Winner: Thomas Santell (by DQ)

Solid technical work here. Match and crowd were a little less energetic but the room’s temperature is rapidly escalating. Thankfully, windows were opened midway and it’s getting better in here. Santell is definitely way over with the Uncharted Territory regulars but I think he may need to do more to introduce his character outside of Wednesday nights. Chuck is always instantly hateable.

Josh Briggs runs in to make the save, since O’Neil pulled this with him a couple weeks back. Chuck gets a leg lock on Briggs, prompting his Uncharted Territory opponent next week, Tom Lawlor to make the save and run O’Neil off. Briggs is upset for the save and these bulls are face to face. RING THE BELL!

Match 4: Filthy Tom Lawlor vs Josh Briggs

Lawlor knows to work Briggs’ leg so he does, trapping it in the ropes and chopping Josh down from there. Ow. Big suplex from Filthy Tom but only a one count. Trading blows and Josh is fighting back with a spin out backbreaker but Lawlor hits a big airplane spin DVD to drop them both. Lawlor working a backpack sleeper but gets hung out on the rope. Josh goes for a running kick but gets pulled into a crab on the bad leg. Josh catches him running with a big boot and a chokeslam for a close two count! Briggs having a hard time standing and drags Lawlor back down to the mat to throw haymakers. Tom back up to roll through a fireman’s carry into a pinfall attempt and slaps on a STF for the tap out.

Winner: Tom Lawlor

Ref Dumeng is trying to explain to Josh that he tapped but Briggs throws him down. He’s VERY frustrated that he lost here. The match was solid enough but didn’t really have a lot of heat from the crowd, who seemed confused why this match was happening at all.

Match 5: Kris Statlander vs Kimber Lee (No DQ/non-title match)

It’s Kris Statlander’s first trip to Beyond since taking the IWTV Championship from Orange Cassidy. Crowd is hot for this hits, it’s Orange Cassidy who inserts himself into the match....FOR THE TITLE! The crowd pops like mad for this! Kimber looks...upset.

Match 5: Kris Statlander vs Kimber Lee vs Orange Cassidy (for the IWTV Championship)

Orange lets the ladies brain each other with high kicks until he can make a few pinfall attempts. Kim gets in his face but gets dropped with a hands in pockets dropkick. Statlander uses her alien mind powers to pull his hands out but he stuffs hers into his. They trade light touch offense to a huge pop until Lee clotheslined them both and starts stomping them out. Suplex Kimmy hits a double German suplex for a near fall. Statlander with a package bomb on Kim for a near fall. Orange reverses a tonic attempt into a pinning predicament. Trading kicks and lariats until everyone is down. Orange firing up! Blue thunder bomb on Kris for a near fall! Cassidy has the ankle lock on Statlander but Lee breaks it up and gets locked up. Statlander breaks it up and gets destroyered! Kim has the juice! She opens it, takes a drink and mists Orange! Statlander gets bombed by Lee for a two count! Kim dropping fists on Kris. Statlander hits the tonic on Orange but Kim blasts her with the belt! Both are down and Lee stands over them. Kim drapes Orange’s arm over Statlander as Ref Quinn counts the pin. WHAT JUST HAPPENED??!?

Winner: Orange Cassidy (new IWTV Champ)

A confused Orange leaves with the belt and Kim’s on the mic, in Statlander’s face. She says she went 18 months undefeated in Beyond. How long did Kris last? Without Kim, Statlander won’t exist. What an angle! I loved their sprint at Lethal Lottery, this better turn into a war at Americanrana!


Rich Palldino says we can’t open the windows because we’re too loud for the other businesses outside in Faneuil Hall. Welp. Time to sweat and watch wrestling and hope Ned Devine’s AC kicks in! Good show so far!

I am now ringing the bell. I will attempt to keep this article on track! 

Ken Doane is out while we come back from the break and in everyone’s face. Ref. Dumeng is holding him back from attacking the fans. The Platinum Hunnies are out to Spirit Squad music and give Retrosexual Anthony Greene a cheer to intro him to Boston! Doane on the mic, booooooo! Greene superkicks him before he says a word! Ring the bell!

Match 6: Ken Doane vs Retrosexual Anthony Greene (w/ The Platinum Hunnies)

Greene with another superkick and a corner lariat. Sunset flip pin attempt, kick out! AG with a Boston crab but Doane gets the ropes. Greene chopping him around the ring to the crowd’s delight. Doane catches Greene running with a dropkick and another. Doane is laying a beating on Anthony Greene and posing to the crowd. Greene catches him with a dropkick and gets a near fall on a cutter. Greene with a crossbody falls into a gut buster. Doane strips

the top turnbuckle while Ref Dumeng attends to Greene. Doane takes a swing at Ava Everett who’s on the apron. He chases Angel Sinclair on the outside until AG cuts him off. AG goes for a stinger splash but Doane slams him face first into the exposed turnbuckle and stacks him up for the three count. Oh nooooooo.

Winner: Ken Doane

Good match here. Ken Doane is coming off very hateable. It’s very interesting to see the dynamic between him and Chuck O’Neil’s respect angles right now. Skylar and Davienne are here to pick up the scraps on the crestfallen Platinum Hunnies, as AG stumbles to the back.

Match 7: The Platinum Hunnies (Ava Everett & Angel Sinclair) vs The Top Dogs (Davienne & Skylar)

Skylar dropped in the corner and Sinclair stinkfaces her for a two count. Sinclair pelvis thrusts Skylar’s face into the mat until Davienne makes the save. Sinclair getting worked over with clubbing blows from Davienne and the newly evil Skylar is in to pick up the scraps. Ava wants in but Skylar keeps her partner grounded. Ava in, gets Davienne to elbow drop Skylar and hits a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Stunner on Skylar and Angel hits a “hip” attack to sending her flying from the apron. Davienne back in to club people down. She’s got Ava on the top and Sinclair powerbombs her off. Nice! Skylar back in to take advantage, pulls Ava from the top and hits their powerbomb/ backstabber combo for the pin.

Winners: The Top Dogs

I really liked this. Good action. Top Dogs looked good in victory and the Hunnies continue to impress as a tandem.

Match 8: Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake) vs SADKAMPF (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku)

Oh hell yessss! Introductions are for the week and the fight just kicks right off and spills to the outside. Brawling brawling brawling. Ku with a moonsault on everyone. Back in the ring, Ku and Bronson in a chop-off. Beefcake in to boot and press slam Ku which Garrini continues to recover from the pre-match assault. SADKAMPF on the attack with a head kick piledriver combo to Bronson. Both teams battling chops. Bronson escapes a total eiliminaton but Ku drops him on his head with an exploder. Ku hits a dropkick on BeefcKe but it’s a one count, to his dismay. Ku up by Beefcake for a powerbomb. Garrini tries a belly to belly but can’t. Ku is bombed. Garrini is bombed. Bear Country going for the electric chair splash finish But SADKAMPF traps them in a double submission. The Bears power out. Ku in the tree of woe with Garrini in the lower corner. Bears with a backpack cannonball to them. Wooooooooow. Electric chair splash from the Bears and that’s it!

Winner: Bear Country

Loved it. Crazy energy. Great few spots to wrap this up. Bear Country has been so good in Beyond since they debuted. SADKAMPF is such a great team. Bear Country says they are undefeated in Beyond....which brings out David Starr???

Bear Country says they are the tag team Aces of Beyond now and THEY will be at what does Starr want? Starr says that the tag Aces are cute and reminds everyone that he won’t be there since nothing is there that is worth his time. Starr says he’s the Ace still, regardless of what anyone says. This brings out Solo Darling

Starr thinks Bear Country will back him up for some dumb reason. They leave him high and dry, high five Solo and leave. Solo says he calls himself the Ace but he’s never here. She’s here every week! If Starr wants, she can carry him through a match right now! Oh, it’s on!

Match 9: David Starr vs Solo Darling

Starr is disrespecting Solo by tying her up with just one arm. Test of strength and Solo is on the defense, Starr drops her and taunts. Starr’s mouth is a mile a minute as Solo starts to get ahead of him and wrap him up. Starr powders and tries to regain his composure. Solo gives chase but Starr kicks her in the head. Starr on the attack again after another kick to the head. Starr disrespecting his opponent further with taunts and a high angle suplex. Starr with a cartwheel kick but Solo gets the rope on the pin. Solo tries to battle back into this, landing strikes and kicks and a leg drop onto Starr’s arm. Solo hitting kicks to Starr’s chest, who is begging off. Starr going for another suplex but Solo reverses into one of her own for the near fall. She goes for the sharpshooter but Starr gets the rope and powders again. Solo hits a spin out bulldog to Starr on the outside. Back inside, Solo goes to the ropes for the honey steamer but Starr hits a high-angle neckbreaker for a near fall. Huge “Former Ace” chant to annoy Starr. He pie faces Solo, who fires up with a pile of slaps and chops. Starr forearms back and goes for the Han Stansen lariat But Solo cracks a slap that keeps him down for a razor thin two count. Starr with a punt kick, gets in Solo’s face...”where’s that strength, Swollo”...and she slaps again. He comes running but she catches him in a powerslam and pumphandle slam. Sharpshooooooterrrrrrr......and Starr barely makes the ropes. Solo with more kicks but Starr clubs out of it. He hits the big lariat and powerbombs Solo onto his knee for the three count.

Winner: David Starr

Huge “you got carried” chant at Starr after this, who stomps Solo on his way out. Guess we still don’t know what he’s ACTUALLY doing at Americanrana What a good match this was. Starr was such a bully throughout. Crowd with a huge reaction in appreciation of Solo’s efforts here.

Main Event: SLITHER (Chris Dickinson & Joey Janela) vs The Butcher & The Blade (Andy Williams & Pepper Parks)

Yes please. I love this matchup. The crowd loves this matchup. So many snake sounds from the crowd. Slither working over Parks a lot to start. Dickinson tries to hype up the crowd, which gives Parks a chance to escape and tag in the bigger Williams, who goes slap for slap with Dickinson. Slither tried to double team Williams but he blows through their clothesline and wipes them both out. Running clotheslines to the corner but Dickinson DDT’s him down. Parks in to make the save but Slither drops him. B&B work over Janela in the corner until Dickinson can make the save. It works for a short time until Williams tosses him up into a gutbuster from Parks. Janela in to throw superkicks, that send Parks flying. Williams in to suplex Janela into Pepper’s knees. Janela back up with a stunner on Parks and a package piledriver to Williams. Dickinson with a piledriver to Parks for the two count. Williams back up and trading chops with both his opponents. Williams gets tossed, Parks gets Germaned by Dickinson and Janela flips over to hold the pin for the three count.

Winners: SLITHER

A solid contest from these teams was slightly marred by the sheer heat in the room and an exhausted crowd that was working to stay in it....but stay in it, they did. Janela on the mic says Americanrana is in 2 months and it’ll be the biggest show in Beyond Wrestling history. Janela says that a few months ago, he said he was sticking around but the TNT deal has changed things in the near future. Americanrana is coming and David Starr is ducking him. Janela wants to main event the show again against Starr one last time.

Starr is here and charges Janela. Everyone spills from the back to break them up. A brief respite but Janela hits a rolling kick to keep it going. A dozen wrestlers can’t keep these two apart. Janela goes to the back and Starr gets the mic.

Maybe THIS is worth The Product’s time?

Joey wants to main event Americanrana?

Starr says “No”.

Well now. 

And that’s it for “Secret Show”! From a card and action standpoint, it was a great debut for Beyond here today! Lot of larger storytelling to build to Americanrana, and an absolutely bananas IWTV title change. Jay Freddie is over like rover. Bear Country is on a huge roll. Briggs is losing too many matches and he doesn’t like it....or you. Chuck O’Neil and Ken Doane are the biggest bullies on the Beyond block right now. So much stuff happening right now.

As for the venue itself, I love the room, the bar and the food but it has some difficult features from a low ceiling (bad for high flying spots) to little ventilation if the windows are closed (both for temperature issues and also slippery situations for working in). I hope Beyond can work out a more comfortable fan/AC situation with Ned Devine’s for future shows because it was almost as hot as a summer show at the Varnum armory. Props to the workers and crowd for keeping the energy as up as humanly possible as the temperature rose.

Overall though, a hell of a day of wrestling for Beyond. Uncharted Territory is looking good for Wednesday and the build towards the largest Americanrana ever continues! Until next time!

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