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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-06-09 11:34:00

We are in Chicago, Illinois and your announcers are Ian Riccaboni and Nick Aldis.

Match Number One: James Storm versus Colt Cabana for the NWA National Championship

They lock up and Storm backs Cabana into the corner and misses a punch on the break. Cabana asks the referee to remind Storm of the rules. They lock up and Storm with a clean break but he tries for a kick and Cabana blocks it. They lock up and Cabana with a side head lock into a hammer lock and back to the side head lock. Cabana with a shoulder tackle and a cartwheel into a side head lock. Storm escapes and applies a side head lock. Storm with a hip toss. Storm with a running forearm and he goes for a super kick but Cabana escapes.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see footage from the commercial break. We are back to the live action and Cabana with a wrist lock and nerve hold. Cabana with a hammer lock and arm wringer. Cabana gets a near fall. Cabana with a splash for a near fall. Storm backs Cabana into the ropes and Storm with a knee and punch. Storm with a boot to the head followed by an elbow and forearm. Storm with a snap mare and sliding clothesline for a near fall. Cabana with a crucifix for a near fall. Storm rakes the eyes as he chokes Cabana in the ropes.

Cabana with a chop and Storm with a punch. Cabana chops back. Storm with a thumb to the eyes and kicks in the corner. Cabana with a take down but Storm with a Harley Race knee. Storm gets a near fall. Storm with a reverse chin lock and forearm to the back. Storm signals for Eye of the Storm but Cabana blocks it. Cabana with a punch and chop. Storm goes over the top rope but he skins the cat and Cabana with a head scissors take down.

Cabana with punches followed by jabs and the Cabanic Elbow. Cabana with the Flying Apple into the corner. Cabana goes to the turnbuckles for a double jump splash and a near fall.

We go to commercial.

We are back and both men are outside the ring and Storm sends Cabana into the guardrails. Storm pulls apart some of the mats on the floor. Cabana blocks a suplex on the floor and Cabana tries for a suplex but Storm blocks it. Cabana is sent into the guardrails. Storm has some words for Nick Aldis and then he breaks the referee’s count. Cabana with a hip toss on the floor and they return to the ring.

Cabana with a moonsault for a near fall.

Cabana and Storm exchange punches. Storm with two super kicks and Storm with a Cloverleaf. Cabana crawls to the ropes but Storm pulls Cabana into the center of the ring. The bell rings as we hit the time limit.

Time Limit Draw (Cabana retains title)

After the match, Storm takes the belt from the referee.

Cabana takes the mic and he says all of Chicago knows there was no way he was going to tap out to that. He tells James that he realizes what it looks like. He tells Storm that is no his title. If you want to earn the title, then he will give James five more minutes to get a decisive winner.

The Briscoes attack Cabana from behind.

Jay Briscoe says the hell with the NWA. The NWA screwed the Briscoes in the Crockett Cup. Ring of Honor has been screwing the Briscoes. Now it is time for the Briscoes to do some screwing around.

Mark punches Cabana while Jay says nobody has the balls to stop them. Jay turns his attention to Nick Aldis.

Nick Aldis makes his way to the ring and he punches Jay when he comes after Nick. Nick punches Mark in the ring. Nick sends Mark into the turnbuckles and Jay hits Nick from behind. Mark punches Nick and Cabana tries to help Aldis but he is stopped by Mark and Jay. Mark chokes Aldis and Jay elbows Cabana. Jay with a boot to Aldis.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at what happened between the Briscoes and NWA World Champion Nick Aldis.

At Best in the World, Dalton Castle will face Dragon Lee. Shane Taylor will defend the Ring of Honor Television Title against Bandido. Matt Taven will defend the Ring of Honor World Championship against Jeff Cobb.

We go to the second part of the Jeff Cobb interview. Jeff says he prepared for pro wrestling through his amateur wrestling. He went to a show near him in Hawaii and it was on. He talks about doing 500 squats his first day and he says he was in top physical shape due to his college training. He says Hanson and Rowe got him in touch with Ring of Honor. He mentions winning in three minutes the last time he was given a title match.

We see footage of him defeating Punishment Martinez for the Television Title. He says being in the main event for the World Title is amazing. He says he knows there is pressure, but he puts pressure on himself. Matt Taven will have to prepare for anything against him. Cobb says he has not been pinned or submitted in Ring of Honor. He tells Matt to bring his A Game to see who is the best in the world.

We go to commercial.

Silas Young comes to the ring and he says it is fairly obvious that the Last Real Man has turned over a new leaf. Gone are the days of taking short cuts, or what he says was necessary to win matches. There is not anybody who can get on the mat and wrestle the way he does. There is not a better pure wrestler than the Last Real Man. He could have had a match against anyone on the Ring of Honor roster. He would have beaten them easily. Silas says he wants to push himself and he found a guy who is unquestionably one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Someone trained by Lou Thesz and has beaten Johnny Saint and Billy Robinson. Silas says he is talking about The Squid.

Match Number Two: Silas Young versus The Squid

They lock up and Young with a waist lock take down and float over. Squid with a wrist lock and Young with a reversal and arm wringer. They shake hands again. They lock up and Young with a hammer lock into a side head lock and another hammerlock. Young with a side head lock take down. Squid with a head scissors and Young escapes into a single leg crab.

Young with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Young blocks a hip toss and he applies an abdominal stretch and the Squid taps out. Silas holds on to the abdominal stretch and lights a cigarette.

Winner: Silas Young

We go to commercial.

We are back with a video package of what Bully Ray has done to Lifeblood.

Mark Haskins comes to the ring. He says he came to Ring of Honor because this is a place where wrestling matters. He did not bust his ass day in and day out for the last fifteen years to be labeled an entertainer. He is a wrestler. He says you can appreciate that because we love professional wrestling. He has a fight in his heart that just won’t quit. On Day One, he got to face Bandido and they left it in that ring. When they got to the back, the first person to meet them in the back was Juice Robinson. Juice say something in them and they were part of his vision. That was how Lifeblood was formed.

People like Tracy Williams, David Finlay, and Tenille Dashwood. She was ready to come back from injury and show the world what she was capable of. It was taken from her by a man, by the dirtiest lowlife piece of scum he has ever met in his life, Bully Ray.

Mark tells Bully to come to the ring and meet him face to face.

We go to commercial.
We are back and Bully Ray asks Mark if he is daring him. Bully says he will take you up on your dare. Bully says he is walking to the ring and he tells Bobby Cruise and the referee to get out of the ring. Bully asks Haskins if the little doggie is going to bark all day or will he bite.

Mark says this is what he is fed up with. Everyone is fed up with you and he tells Bully to do everyone a favor and go away. He tells Bully to retire.

Bully says the people have forgotten. Bully says about a year ago, he tried to retire and he tried to do it in this very city, in this very arena, in this very ring. How can he try again when each of you begged him not to retire. Bully says this entire building was on its feet chanting ‘Thank You Bully’. Grown men, sitting in the front row, crying because he was going to retire. Bully says there was a little kid, smaller than Mark, who came into the ring. Bully hugged the kid and he says this is the last table he was going to break and it was for the child. They did it because they were suckers. They bought it. Bully says he was lying. He has been lying his entire career. Nobody, not you, not veterans around longer than him, have been able to stop him. What makes you think you are the guy who is finally going to shut him up?

Mark says he does not think, he knows. Why not do this right here, right now.

Shane Taylor’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Bully asks Mark what does he have.

Tracy Williams makes his way to the ring to stand by Mark’s side.

Tracy says he is so tired of talking. They came for a fight and this looks like a fair enough fight to them. Let’s do this right here, right now.

Bully tells the referee to get in the ring.

Match Number Three: Mark Haskins and Tracy Williams versus Bully Ray and Shane Taylor

Bully and Mark start off and Bully wants Mark to lock up but the Soldiers of Savagery attack Haskins and Williams as the referee calls for the bell.

Winners: Mark Haskins and Tracy Williams (by disqualification)

After the match, Bully gets a table from under the ring. Williams is sent into the guardrails. Haskins is brought back into the ring. PJ Black comes to the ring and he attacks the Soldiers of Savagery, Taylor, and Bully with a chair. Taylor with a head butt to Black and Taylor tells them to give Black to Bully for a power bomb through the table and he does it.

We go to credits.


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