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By Mike Johnson on 2019-06-09 10:00:00

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Is there any update on the Hulk Hogan-Chris Hemsworth film?

Nothing concrete.  The last I heard,they were just starting work on the screenplay, so it will be some time before we know of when they start filming.

I was looking at an upcoming convention and there's a Doink the Clown listed.  How can this be since Matt Borne passed away?

The Doink who is still making appearances is Ray Apollo, who played the character in the WWF from November 1993 on.  He has as much of a claim of being Doink as anyone, as he played the character longer than anyone else.

What day do you think AEW will air on TNT?

Unless they are going to be bumped for basketball, Wednesday seems like the most logical day to me.

Who do you blame for Undertaker vs. Goldberg being so bad?

I don't blame anyone.  Goldberg was obviously out on his feet and tried to carry on.  I respect that he tried.  I think if anything, WWE should have made the call to end the match sooner than Undertaker obviously did.  You can't control when someone gets hurt but I feel that this should have been a short match and by going as long as they did, it was a mistake.  I get wanting to give people the best potential main event they can, and I respect that they tried as hard as they did at this stage of their lives, but they'd have been better off doing Brock vs. Lesnar redux, a short, shocking ending.

What are the odds that WWE does Sting vs. Undertaker coming out of this?

At Starrcast, Sting made it clear that for the right money, he would step back in the ring for WWE.  It's up to them to decide if they want to do that after medically disqualifying him from competing.  Under normal circumstances, I don't see it happening, but WWE is getting a lot of money thrown at them for nostalgia matches....

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