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By Dave Scherer on 2019-06-10 09:59:00

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What podcasts do you guys listen to on a regular basis?

On a regular basis?  I listen to what we do here on the site.  Honestly, I like to form my own opinions rather than be influenced by someone else.  I will listen to a podcast when it’s newsworthy but I don’t listen to any on a regular basis.

Who plans and programs Wrestlemania Axxess? 

The Creative Team handles it.  Programming falls under their auspices.

What do you think Axxess could learn/borrow/steal from Starrcast?

Honestly?  Not a whole lot because they are very different events that are trying to do different things.  Both are successful at doing what they do.

Ok, for the last few months I have had the AEW guys beating me over the head saying, 'We are not competing with WWE, we want to be an alternative.'  That is just silly.  Providing an alternative to something is inherently competing with them.  Chevy is competing with Ford in the truck market, not providing us with an alternative.  Now, I saw an answer given to a question about WWE using NXT as a counterpoint to AEW and potential hurting AEW.  Especially if the PPV costs don't change.  Here is my question...  Cody, Kenny, the Bucks, hell even Khan himself have said that AEW's mission is to change the business away from Vince's vision.  That is why Moxley left WWE.  So if Vince allows NXT to become what AEW is supposed to become, does that mean the members of the Elite accomplished their goal?

Not in my opinion.  If they could get WWE proper to change the way that they do business, then those guys could make that claim.  In my opinion, NXT already pretty much is what AEW is trying to become.

Who are the tag team champions?

The people that have the Title belts.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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