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By Dave Scherer on 2019-06-08 10:50:00

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Watching Undertaker and Bill Goldberg was painful.  Everyone blames Goldberg for the match but Taker looked really old too.  How long can WWE keep putting the old guys out there?

I think the answer is as long as they are getting paid huge money from places like Saudi Arabia.  Goldberg and Taker are both guys that are pretty much retired.  The one thing that gets them back in the ring is money, both from WWE’s side and their own.

Also, do you worry about the health of the older talent wrestling?

Honestly, yes I do.  As I get older I see how my own body has changed.  It happens to all of us.  When you send people that are around or over 50 years out there to wrestle, bad things can happen.  Hell, they can happen to young people, the chances just increase that they will happen to old people.

What are your thoughts now on the 24/7 Title?  I officially hate it.  Just seeing the social media posts on the title changes is annoying.  How can a title mean anything at all changing hands so much?

Second question first, the Title doesn't mean anything.  They made that clear on the first night when Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley wanted nothing to do with it.  I can't say I hate it but I don't like it either.  They are doing it for comedy so it is what it is, a prop for us to laugh at (at least in theory).

Has AEW announced plans to release Double or Nothing (or any of their subsequent events) on DVD?

Not yet.

Why does a typical episode of RAW or SmackDown have at least two (sometimes three) women's matches which are just as long as the men's matches during the Women's Evolution nowadays as opposed to the Divas Era where a typical RAW or SmackDown episode would have one short women's match (there would be some episodes of RAW and SmackDown where there would be no women's match)?

Simple, they changed their view of how to present the women from then until now.

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