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By Mike Johnson on 2019-06-06 10:01:00

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I noticed on Instagram that Sasha Banks is using her real name.  Should WWE be concerned about another CM Punk scenario, or are we already there?

No.  It's a CM Punk situation when she walks out and doesn't return.  All indications are that she will be returning when the time is right.  Using her real name on Instagram is nothing more than her using it to differentiate herself from the persona she portrays on WWE TV.

What are the chances a lady wins the 24/7 belt?

Given that women held the Hardcore title in the past, I would be shocked if at some point, Carmella doesn't win the WWE 24/7 title from R-Truth at some point.

A few questions about merchandise. Do all the wrestlers get a cut of live Event Goods like T-shirts and programs? I figure they don’t get a cut of Championship Belts. But some wrestlers have their image on T-shirts for events. 

In WWE, yes, if a wrestler's image is on anything, they would get a percentage of the sales of that item.

Does the amount of a wrestler’s merchandise sales necessarily affect their position on the card?

No, but it would work the other way around.  If a talent is over and can sell merchandise, it's more likely they will receive more merchandise and earn more money.  If they are a talent who doesn't get a push and is just aimlessly floating on the undercard, chances are they don't get more than 1 or 2 pieces of merch.

What are the chances of the Kabuki Warriors getting the women’s tag belts since the belts are not really defended at all?

Well, not very well until they are defended!  Once they are defended, it's possible!  The WWE handling of those titles has been really sad to watch.  For all the talk of the women's revolution, the titles have been a non-factor since the day they were created, sadly.

Is the card “wild” anymore if we know they’ll be appearing on RAW every week now? 

Yes, because you don't know who is going to show!

I purchased a group of ECW DVDs and there's a Michael K Johnson credited on them.  Is that you?

That is indeed me.  I worked on the packaging and scripting for 99% of the Pioneer Home Video ECW DVD line, coming on board with the second DVD in the series and remaining until the final release.  I even scripted a few DVDs that were never even released!

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