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By Mike Johnson on 2019-06-03 13:55:00

In an appearance on ESPN Radio, Peter Rosenberg stated that he was no longer with WWE, where he had been appearing on PPV Kickoff shows and had hosted a WWE Network series Let's Bring It To The Table alongside JBL and Corey Graves, because there was no longer a spot for him in the company. 

Rosenberg relayed that  he had been busy with other projects and missed some WWE pre-show events, but by Wrestlemania 35, he was free and clear to work with the company again, but was told he was done by Michael Cole before Wrestlemania 35.  Rosenberg was at the WWE hotel that weekend visiting with performers and staff.

During his time with WWE, Rosenberg had also worked on several exclusive WWE sneaker releases.  He's a regular on NYC radio in the hip hop and sports worlds.

Rosenberg's comments can be heard at this link.

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