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By Dave Scherer on 2019-06-05 10:00:00

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So ok. I’ve been a long time reader of your site and basically use it to keep up with things since I rarely watch any WWE outside of the odd PPV anymore and haven’t really for years. Didn’t even watch WrestleMania this year as none of the stories really interested me at all... But happened to catch a replay of this past weeks RAW and my god. The Dolph Ziggler - Kofi interaction...and the work by Dolph with the whole unhinged “it should have been me”…. Better than anything I’ve seen in ages and on top of the amazing delivery by Ziggler * IT ACTUALLY ALL MAKES SENSE* for him to feel that way and act that way. It’s everything WWE used to be. Guys with logical, emotional reasons to want to fight. How the hell do we get it through Vince Jr’s thick skull that *THIS* is what the WWE so sorely needs more of?? Not what immediately followed with his freaking almost 50 year old, out of shape son, boring the crowd and scoring wins (by submission!) over active talent?? Even if it’s with “help” I used to watch every show and every PPV religiously. Because what they presented with Ziggler and Kofi was the norm, as opposed to goofy comedy and nonsensical storylines with no build... Not the other way around.

What will it take?  The ratings and/or the stock price to drop to the point where Vince has to change his process.  Sadly, those are the only two things I can see really moving the needle.  With that said, Dolph did a good job with his promo but not for nothing, he left during the time that Kofi was getting the push so it couldn’t have been him!

Let me preface this by saying I absolutely loved the in-ring product at Double or Nothing. But I felt the announcing made it seem very amateurish. JR seemed way out of place and thrown off by being a color guy with Excalibur doing play by play. Alex Marvez didn’t add anything and they all seems lost at times as to what was going on. How would you remedy this going forward to make sure the announcing doesn’t hurt AEW?

I take into account that it was the company’s first show and that it was the first time those guys had worked together and I realize that it takes time for things to gel in the booth.  I think JR and Excalibur will find a rhythm.  It may be better to put Marvez in a different role.  I don’t think they need a three man booth anyway.

What is wrong with the geniuses who run the WWE network? Why would they make so many different systems obsolete and unable to receive network broadcast? Everything was going fine until they sent out this notice. Now in order to get the network I have to go out and buy an adapter because my Sony equipment and my Samsung equipment will not be able to receive the WWE network.

The only thing that makes any sense to me is that they look at what devices people use and they decided that it wasn’t cost effective to keep making updates for older devices.

Am I correct that Dustin Rhodes is the only performer currently who has worked for WWE, WCW, TNA, AJPW, and now AEW? When you think about it, that is a pretty amazing and quite the journeyman's career. Not to mention that people dug his work to keep hiring him, sometimes repeatedly, and held titles or ran major angles in all of those promotions.

Dustin has had a better than journeyman career in my opinion.  The Goldust character was iconic.  He has always been a fantastic wrestler.  He is a Hall Of Famer in my opinion!

I'll admit that I didn't watch Double or Nothing due to the price, but participated in a discussion of it on Twitter.  It seemed apparent that younger fans, as expected, really liked the show while more traditional fans (like myself), not so much. While I don't expect AEW to be a direct threat to WWE, I began to wonder if they can hurt Vince in the key demographics. I started thinking about what type of pressure WWE is under to deliver, considering the huge rights fees. I wonder if they might struggle, not in ratings, but in the younger demographics important to Fox & USA.  I'm just curious about your opinion. 

As I said above, the TV companies have power with WWE.  With that said, they knew what the current demographics for the company were when they signed the deals with them.  Can AEW drawing new fans affect how the TV companies view WWE?  Absolutely.  I can’t wait to see how it all pans out.

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