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By Dave Scherer on 2019-06-04 10:00:00

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PWI wrote a while back that Impact would be investing more into marketing and promotion. Since then, their social media has gotten much worse (i.e. recently tweeted that Kiera Hogan would be facing, ummm, Kiera Hogan) and their web site is equally awful (i.e. "promoting" a match been Ace Austin and Cousin Jake graphic but in the blog said it was Ace and Madman Fulton - fixed 24 hours later). I want to follow Impact so badly but they make it so hard to care for them when it feels they barely care about their own product. What happened to their increased promotional spend as previously reported?

All I can tell you is I am hearing that they really want to improve things.  I think it just comes down to that they don’t have as much staffing as they would like and people have a lot on their plates.

Do you think the reason why the Iiconics have been buried on WWE TV as of late is because of backstage heat?

Nope, I think they have been booked the way they are booked because Vince thinks that is the best way to use them.  I disagree with him, but he’s the boss.

Obviously there's been a lot of talk on if/when AEW can challenge WWE.  As an answer by WWE, could you see them maybe pushing NXT harder since that's closer from an in-ring standpoint to what's expected of AEW?  They don't exactly promote the brand to their casual fans.  Especially if AEW continues with their ridiculous PPV pricing?

I made that same point over the last week on audio.  WWE already has a great way to go after AEW in house in NXT.  No matter how great you thought AEW’s first PPV was, Takeover 25 was at least as good.  One cost far more money than the other.  So yes, if WWE really wants to go after AEW they could surely use NXT to do so.  For instance, doing a Takeover against an AEW PPV would give people leery of spending fifty dollars a much cheaper alternative.  

We saw at Double or Nothing that mainly those within the Elite Group won their matches (Cody, Bucks, Page, and even SCU) minus Omega. Going back to All IN, everyone also won their matches minus Scurll. Do you think these guys booking themselves to win and go over will hurt the product and ultimately the promotion? The first impression for me was negative because of this, where seeing for example SCU win instead of promoting and putting over the OWE talents. Or putting Page in the Battle Royale that ultimately made the match, and now the first championship match predictable. 

It should be noted that Scurll isn’t in the promotion (yet) either.  At this point in time, you can make a case for the established guys winning,  It builds them up for the audience so that when they lose down the line, it elevates whoever beats them.  With that said, they have to be very careful not to push the core guys at the expense of everyone else.  That surely would not be revolutionary for the business.  In fact, it would be business as usual really.

I was curious if there was a PWInsider reunion in Vegas for Double or Nothing since Dave lives there and Mike made the trip. Did Dave attend the show if he was in town? Keep up the great work!

We did not.  I was supposed to come back east three days before the show but my flight got canceled.  It was rescheduled to Sunday in the morning, so logistics weren’t in place for me to stay up late and go to the show.

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