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By Dave Scherer on 2019-06-02 10:00:00

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Should Tenille Dashwood sign with AEW?

If they offer her a deal that she likes sure, why not?

So when did a wrestler have to do what he says he will? This whole Stephanie thing criticizing brock for not announcing when he will cash in is so stupid? Last I checked you can cash in whenever you want? It’s stupidity like this that makes me change channel.

Yes, it sure is. It's part of the problem with the WWE booking right now. A lot of it makes no sense at all. That hurts the product.

All the hype around AEW and people wondering if they'll eventually be able challenge WWE got me thinking. Say AEW was able to overtake WWE in the ratings like WCW did. How do you think Vince would respond? Would he stick to his guns and do exactly what he did during the Monday night wars (he seems to always be stuck in his ways)? Or would he have to go a different direction due to having to answer to stockholders? Would they allow a shift away from PG.

Keep one thing in mind, it's about money. In the 90s, he was in danger of going out of business. Now? He's flush. He would not make the radical changes that he made then because he doesn't have to. He didn't stick to his guns in the 90s. He went way outside of his comfort zone. Now? I think he would make modest tweaks to appease the stockholders and TV partners. As I mentioned above, allowing an intelligent person that understands logic and continuity to have final control over the scripts would be a great first step. Then, allowing the talents to speak in a more real fashion would be another. Those two changes could make the product worlds better than it is now.

Mandy Rose is just ok in the ring, but we have seen flashes of brilliance at times from Sonya Deville in the rare in-ring appearances she has had in the past (her matchups against Asuka come to mind in particular). Not to mention the background of Sonya's character is far more intriguing, when you consider her background as a MMA fighter and also coming out as openly gay on an episode of Tough Enough. Yet is it Mandy who has gotten the far stronger push. Considering Sonya's poential, do you think they have been pushing the wrong member of the duo?

At this point in time I think Sonya is more advanced as a wrestler than Mandy, yes. But in WWE, other factors go into who gets the push.

What will happen if talents routinely start going from NXT to AEW? WWE can't sign everyone up to long term deals. They can't promise everyone the spotlight - heck they can't even have compelling tag teams like Gallows and Anderson a chance to shine. If you were The Undisputed Era, doesn't AEW make more sense?

AEW can't sign everyone either. Keep that in mind. The Khans are billionaires but that doesn't mean that they can, or will, spend crazily. I think it will come down to a case by case basis. WWE has more outlets for talents to work in and earn. As HHH said the other day, he sees talents being able to work in the non-main roster groups for their whole careers and make a good living. Plus, talents really need to think long and hard about jumping. Say that the Era jumps and AEW doesn't make it. Then they have to go back to WWE and who knows how that would go.  So they need to consider a lot of factors before making that move.

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