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By Mike Johnson on 2019-05-31 10:00:00

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Why were there so few singles matches on the excellent AEW card?  Is it simply that they have too many wrestlers under contract and tried to fir them all on the show?

I think part of it was wanting to have everyone on the card.  Part of it was that they want to showcase tag teams.  Plus, if they leave the singles matches to the main events, those seem more important.

Most underrated talent in Ring of Honor right now? In your opinion?

I would say Brian Minlonas and Beer City Bruiser.  I think most people who see them look upon them as more of characters than in-ring talents but Milonas, for someone his size, is an incredible talent and Bruiser has consistently improved.  His work in New Japan really opened up a lot of eyes, but I still think they are vastly overlooked and underrated.  Perhaps that will change in the next year.

Has there been talk of any of the companies getting into going from regular hd programming into 4k HDR? Or with 8k coming out sometime in the future, do you think they are waiting to see how that turns out? I could understand it would be an expensive upgrade for regular tv, but I was thinking maybe WWE would use 4k or 8k in some of their original programming on the Network like the documentaries or Table for 3? As always, thanks for the site.

It's possible they are looking into it, but I don't expect it will happen very soon.  WWE in particular was very conservative about making the switch to HD and did a lot of experimentation before they finally went full force with it.  I don't suspect we'll see a push into 4K for any promotion until their TV partners call for it but one day, it will have to happen.

Do you see a way for AEW management to bypass backstage politics and ass kissing (unless they’re into that.)?? Or will it only be a matter of time before one of the performers says “it’s like being back in WWE.”??

Every promotion ends up the same way.  The locker room is united and then it breaks down into different cliques.  There will always be a tug of war between management and performers.  If AEW can avoid that, they will be the first promotion in history to do so.  It's too early in the process to say for sure what can and will happen.  I do believe there will be a concerted effort to have a very different locker room culture in AEW vs. WWE, however.

For WWE to have Brock Lesnar (the character) not realize that he has 1 year to cash in the MITB briefcase – doesn’t that make him seem kind of dumb?? Even if he has never been involved in a MITB match before, he’s not exactly new to WWE. He gets paid a stupid amount of money for the amount of work he actually does (bouncing in the ring for 5 – 10 minutes while Paul Heyman talks is NOT work). And yes. I know he only does what VKM tells him to. And no. That doesn’t help. He should read a rulebook for God’s sake.

1000% dumb.  They booked him to look like a moron, which is something Brock has never been portrayed to be.  I rolled my eyes at it.

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