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By Mike Johnson on 2019-05-30 10:00:00

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Since leaving WWE Jon Moxley re-emerged hotter than ever, yet I look back at the criticism Steve Austin made on the guy in his podcast.  How wrong was Austin?

Austin wasn't wrong in the least, because he was speaking of Moxley as the Dean Ambrose character.  You can only do so much when you aren't allowed to control the environment around you.  Obviously, the Moxley we see going forward won't have that restrictions and we'll see how much interest and money he draws.  The criticism was of the character and Moxley not doing anything to change.  You can't change Vince McMahon's ways.  That's the issue.

Who made the most appearances in Madison Square Garden?

Bruno Sammartino, by far.

Having watched Double or Nothing, despite a few surprises, do they have enough coal to fuel the steam, so to speak?  I was interested and cobbled the monies together but I can't see them accelerating going forward.  The ethos heralded for months was basically thrown out the window.  I take exception to that as someone who have been with them for a long while.  Did I miss something or will this be indicative of what is yet to come?

Once they get to the weekly TV series, we'll know the answer, but we won't know it for a long time.  They have a big marathon ahead of themselves, finding the balance in what brought the Elite to the dance and making that work weekly in a way that brings ratings and makes fans want to spend money.  We are in uncharted waters here.  It's way too early to call the race, because it didn't start yet.

Do you think WWE will remove Donald Trump from their Hall of Fame?


I keep hearing Les Thatcher is this legend but there's no footage of him anywhere.  So, what gives?  Is he some old guy passing himself off as a wrestler?

Uh, No.  There are tons of photos of Thatcher's career floating around if you can find this rarely known about thing called GOOGLE!  Les retired in the early 1980s so his in-ring career came from generations before most of that material was being taped and traded and kept by fans.  He did have footage from his career that he kept but unfortunately lost it in a fire many years ago.  If you want to be ignorant about someone's career, that's fine, but you aren't going to let you remain ignorant when you ask me a question - so click here to learn about Les.

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