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By Mike Johnson on 2019-05-26 23:33:00

AEW President Tony Khan personally timed the Double or Nothing PPV last night and brought the show in 15 minutes before the end of their alotted time.  There were a lot of people impressed by Khan's ability to do so since it was the first time he had undertaken the task.  Khan was also suggesting shots for the Director of the PPV.

A number of those backstage passed on word that Khan was excitedly congratulating everyone after their matches, personally thanking them and even high-fiving them.  It was said his enthusiasm really touched a lot backstage as they realized how invested he was on a personal level.

The Awesome Kong surprise was locked in four months ago but kept to a very small circle of people.  Kong said today that only four people total knew she would be there.  Kong noted that Diamond Dallas Page gave her a huge motivational speech before her appearance that helped her find the "Kong" persona again as she returned to the ring for the first time in years.   Kong will be appearing on the filmed and completed GLOW Season three on Netflix.

Kevin Sullivan, one of the top producers for Impact Wrestling, was the one credited for the AEW video packages on the PPV.

The look of the PPV was designed to be as sports-oriented as possible.  Keith Mitchell headed production.  There were a number of former WCW production employees working the show.

Bob Rosen, formerly of TNA, built the ring that AEW utilized last night specifically for the promotion.  Rosen also worked as timekeeper at ringside.

Atlas Security was in the house and will be working for the promotion going forward.

Matt Jackson noted during the post-PPV media scrum last night that he wasn't even aware of the Cody throne stunt from the PPV until rehearsals the day of the show.  The entire Rhodes family were in attendance at the PPV.

The Super Smash Brothers will certainly undergo a name change several readers pointed out, as the name is owned by Nintendo and certainly AEW will not be flying under the radar.

In the "I bet no one has this coming" category:

Jon Moxley will be on Chris Jericho's podcast this week.  Jericho did not appear as scheduled at Starrcast today, sending a message blaming the fans for not thanking him for the success of AEW.

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