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By Mike Johnson on 2019-05-26 02:28:00

After Double or Nothing went off the air, Cody, The Young Bucks, Hangman Page and Matt Jackson’s wife Dana came out.  They helped Kenny Omega up.  Cody cut a great promo saying this was a family and that if the fans would follow them where they go, they promised to never let the fans down. Omega, joking that he likely needed medical attention, did his goodbye line.

The promotion was absolutely ecstatic about the way their first PPV went down.  AEW President Tony Khan said that he felt it was one of the all-time best PPVs and that when they get to weekly TV, it’s going to be a “better quality of life” for wrestling fans as they want to make shows that are fun and not a chore to watch.

On the segment where Cody destroyed what was obviously supposed to be a replica of Triple H’s throne on the PPV, Khan said that at the end of the day, they are just trying to create the best show possible and if creating a sense of competition assisted that, it was a good thing.

Bret Hart slipped down the stairs as he was returning backstage and fell but was said to be OK after.  The belief was that since Hart returned a different way than he entered the entrance stage, he missed a step and fell.

As noted in the press release issued by AEW, Jon Moxley will be with the company full-time.  Tony Khan stated after the show he will be doing some select indy dates until the TV show launches.  Khan said that once Moxley was free contractually, he approached Khan and they worked out a deal.  Moxley's official in-ring debut will be at Fyter Fest in Daytona Beach, Florida on Saturday 6/29. 

Chris Jericho vs. Hangman Page will determine the first AEW Champion.  Tony Khan declined to comment on when that match will take place.

Mike Tyson was backstage at the show.

JWOW of the Jersey Shore was also at the show.

Tony Khan’s father Shad Khan was sitting ringside during the PPV.  Noelle Foley was sitting in the front row.

Among those at the show were Kelly Klein, Tracy Brooks, Scarlet Bordeaux, Killer Kross and Bill Apter.

The team that attacked the Best Friends were Canadian stars the Super Smash Brothers.   Since they weren’t identified on the PPV, it’s always possible they are getting a new persona.

There was a lot of excitement about the TNT deal backstage among the wrestlers.

The Young Bucks vs. Cody & Dustin Rhodes will take place at the Fight for the Fallen event in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Dustin Rhodes commented on how he was feeling after his match with Cody, writing:

Mark Henry was backstage doing interviews for SiriusXM's Busted Open.

The 8/31 All Out event will be held at the Sears Center in Chicago, IL.

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