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By Dave Scherer on 2019-05-28 09:00:00

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How do wrestlers not get injured taking crazy moves on a ladder like Balor at MITB?

Well, they do get banged up.  They are tough and they know how to take the bumps, but at the end of the day they are human beings and the body isn’t made to take some of the abuse that they put it through.  It is amazing that there aren’t more serious injuries in matches like MITB.

How come the Raw champ and Smackdown champ never make a play to be included in money in bank? I would think a champ would want to win it to prevent a threat of cash in and to have a back up plan if they lose.

Well, a person can’t wrestle themselves, that’s why!  What is surprising to me is that WWE doesn’t do the “champ has a friend that enters and wins, supposedly to protect the champ but then instead wants the Title” storyline more often.  Or at all.

It looks like there will never be a union in WWE.  John Oliver's story got a lot of attention on the wrestlers' situation.  Now WWE fines an "independent contractor" an insane amount of money for social media comments he made YEARS before even working for them (I'd hire a lawyer).  How on earth are those wrestlers still legally not considered employees?  And what has to happen for that to change?

No one has ever challenged it in court and the IRS has never investigated as to whether they are employees or not.  That is what it would take to make the change.

I'm one of the people that would love to see the AEW PPV for $25, but will be skipping it at $50.  Your best guess, assuming they don't get the buys they are expecting, will the next PPV price be lower, or will they stick with the $50 price tag?

I think the price is insane, I really do.  PPV is a dying medium but charging top dollar there?  Well I guess I kind of understand.  But to charge that much for a stream?  Where the competition is much, much cheaper?  It’s crazy to me and I have heard from a lot of people like you that will not pay that much money, but would pay 20 or 25 dollars.  I would hope that if the buys come in below expectations, AEW would get into the 21st century and lower the price.  Charging 50 dollars is a turn off to a lot of potential new fans (and customers).

I’ve been a wrestling fan for 36 years – been through the Hulk Hogan era, the post-Hogan era, the “Everyone has a job like Duke The Dumpster Droese and Thurman Sparky Plugg” era, the post-Screwjob Attitude Era, the Invasion era, the PG era, and then whatever this is.  I just may be out finally.  At least, as a Nielsen family, I’ll affect the rating just a bit when I don’t watch.  Last week was the first RAW I’ve missed in years, even with all the drek we’ve been enduring the last couple of years.  Tonight will be the second.  

Brock Lesnar as MITB winner. Isn’t it great that Vince used to briefcase to try and elevate some new young talent to get everyone excited about?

That was my reaction too, for sure.  The other 7 guys work hard only to have Brock come in and steal it.  My only hope for a good outcome here is that Brock won so he can go on Raw tonight and challenge Seth at next week’s Saudi show, and he loses and puts Seth over.  If he cashes in and wins?  Well I suspect more people may be tapping out the way that you have.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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