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By Mike Johnson on 2019-05-24 10:00:00

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How Important is the day of the week AEW’s weekly show is on?   In Chris Jericho’s most recent AEW podcast he mentioned Tuesday or Wednesday as being talked about for the night of the week AEW’s show is on. I personally believe that going head to head on Monday is the best option. Adding another night of the week to watch wrestling is too much in my opinion. If they went head to head on Monday nights there is already an audience wanting to watch wrestling on Monday night, and I believe it would be much easier to grab those eyes away from Raw.  I think asking viewers to invest another 2 hours a week is a lot.

It's very important.  AEW doesn't want to be on a night were TNT can bounce them for sports programming.  They want to have real estate that can be their own to make it a destination for their viewers.  I don't think Monday is the answer.  The Monday Night Wars were in part a monster made by the fact that fans had to watch one or other or flip back and forth.  With DVR technology, that is no longer the case.

Instead of introducing the WWE Softcore Championship, why couldn’t they just make the Intercontinental and U.S. Title divisions more competitive???

The easy answer is they didn't want to do that.  They wanated to introduce a new (well, old, but you know what I mean) element to the shows to bring some crossover from show to show and some levity.  I don't blame them for trying something new but I am with you in that I'd REALLY love to see them make the divisions more competitive.

My question is regarding AEW. Thinking about it, it seems like a logical move make Jericho the first World Champion.. being the highest paid contract, biggest mega star/Wellest known name, he will be a serious driving factor in getting ALOT people to watch All Elite Wrestling. Now I know he likely doesn't need it of course, but to me would seem rather ideal in many ways.  Thoughts?

I don't think Jericho needs it.  I'd rather use him to help get others over, the way Terry Funk made so many other talents over his career.  In my mind, the first champion should be Kenny Omega because he's the franchise guy.  If it was me, I'd build everything around him.

So I listened to the Owen Hart podcast you guys had posted a link on from POSTwrestling twice. It was a great listen but one person on that podcast really bothered me. It was Tray Lindstrom, the guy who said he drove Hart to the arena. How legitimate was his story? He claimed that WWF made him hand over Hart's belonging to them and was asked to leave Kemper Arena and not allowed to come to RAW the next night. Have you ever heard of this person before? Is he a known wrestling fan?

He was a friend of the Hart family.  Just because he's not a "known" fan doesn't change his credibility.  John Pollock would not have included him if he wasn't vetted.

I also have a question regarding Max Mini. I know this isn't news he was supposed to be with Owen Hart but at the last minute was nixed. I was wondering if there was any interviews of Max Mini discussing this?

Not to the best of my knowledge.  I don't believe he's ever spoken on the situation.

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