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By Mike Johnson on 2019-05-20 10:46:00

All Elite Wrestling's Double or Nothing PPV this Saturday will no longer feature PAC (formerly Neville) vs. Adam Page.  We are told that circumstances beyond AEW's control forced the change in the card and Neville will not be traveling to Las Vegas this weekend.  AEW made the decision last Thursday to send Page to England to wrestle PAC in a match that will be released online tomorrow for free as a way to make up for the change.  There are still plans to use PAC down the line.

CIMA is in the process of moving to the United States full-time.

Double or Nothing is listed as TV-14 in commerfcials for this Saturday's PPV.

The promotion has hired several former ROH employees to bolster their staff.

All of the major AEW stars will be appearing this weekend at Starrcast in Las Vegas.

Steven Fernandes sent the following:

On Fite.TV, the 5/25 Double or Nothing PPV is available for $34.99 in Canada while everywhere else (I checked random places through VPN), it's available for $19.99. I am guessing these are all in US Dollars. Interestingly, the replay on Fite is available only till 6/1. 

The B/R Live stream is also available to purchase in Canada for $49.99. 


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