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By Dave Scherer on 2019-05-21 10:00:00

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I get the impression you hear from readers daily that can’t take the WWE product anymore, and have quit watching (the ratings reflect this).  My question is, have you ever heard of Vince watching his product sometime after the show airs, for a different perspective (that of a fan)?  If he has, I don’t get how he thinks his product is compelling.  Could Vince sit through 40 minutes of action, and the rest of the three hours being talking?  Every show starting with a 25 minute promo that could be done in five minutes is enough to change the channel.

I have never heard of him doing that.  With that said, he thinks he is writing it for the fans.

Is it legal for WWE to add time to wrestlers contracts when they are injured? They are still part if the company and still get paid even if they don’t wrestle. They aren’t released from their contracts when they are injured. Sounds like immature pettiness.

They get paid their downside and it’s part of the contract that they agreed to.  If they didn’t agree, they wouldn’t sign the contract.

If AEW takes off and does good out of the gate will this finally persuade Vince McMahon to really shake things up and change his hopelessly outdated approach to creative or is he too content with the billions in tv deals he’ll be getting and just keep doing the same old same old?

I don’t think AEW itself would do it.  If they do strong numbers it may make WWE’s TV partners strongly suggest that they change things up, but AEW itself?  No I don’t see that being the impetus of change for Vince.

While the group is still probably small but with the number of people pulling the plug on traditional cable and satellite TV providers and switching to streaming services such YouTube TV and Sling TV growing, does WWE have a way of tracking that form of viewership along with the regular TV rating system? 

I honestly didn’t know this so I did some research.  YouTube TV, Hulu and Sling TV work with Nielsen, as do other streaming services. I don’t know if it’s full integration yet but they are working on it.

I don’t know how much he gets paid but how is WWE getting their money out of a guy like (name deleted)?

I pulled the name because I don’t want to single anyone out.  Here’s the deal, if WWE keeps paying a talent, they think they are worth what they pay them.  It may be to wrestle or help young talent or even keep them away from competition.  But, they think they are worth it.  If they didn’t, they would exercise the out clause they have.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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