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By Mike Johnson on 2019-05-17 10:00:00

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Big E has been hilarious on Twitter.  Any idea when he'll be returning to WWE TV?

At one point, there were plans for him to be at Money in the Bank this weekend, so it may be sooner than you think, at least in terms of being on WWE TV.  I haven't heard a timetable for him returning to the ring.

Why would WWE fine Lars Sullivan when they fired Hulk Hogan?

They didn't want to fire Lars and hand him off to someone else in my estimation.   So, they fined him.

What's the base pay of a ROH contract?

It depends on the talent.  There are talents there making six-figures and there are talents there who are making considerably less.  I've never heard a base, low ball, average salary for the promotion however.

Are AEW contracts exclusive?

One would think that the second they debut on TV, independent dates will become far less important for the talents who are signed to deals.  I would think the company would have the right to pull talents from working the independents, especially given the high scale in pay they are providing.

Is there any word on Daniel Bryan going to Saudi Arabia this time around for WWE?

Zero word.  He has not been announced for the event yet.

Do you think perhaps the Alexa Bliss thing is a storyline so Nikki Cross can win the Ladder Match and hand her the briefcase?

Until it happens, anything is fair game creatively, but we are told Bliss was pulled due to a concussion and this was not a creative decision.  That doesn't mean they couldn't go in the direction you just suggested - but the root cause of it was not a creative idea.

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