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By Kendall Jenkins on 2019-05-15 16:25:00

The first obvious question that a reader of this article would need an answer to is, “why do I need to translate a marriage certificate from Spanish to English?”

The most common need for such a translation arises when you apply for a visa, green card or citizenship. For instance, you may be a resident of a Spanish speaking country that wants to translate a marriage certificate from Spanish to English to allow you to submit the document to USCIS.

You would need a certified translation, wherein the translating company states that the translated document is a perfect mirror-image of the original, and signs and dates it.

If your need for the translation is legal, you would need a notarized document. For instance, you may need to use the marriage certificate as a form of evidence for a criminal case. In such cases, you would have to swear under oath and sign an affidavit witnessed by a Notary Public. Before you decide on the type of translated marriage certificate you need, please find out exactly what the relevant authority is asking for.

Where can you translate a marriage certificate from Spanish to English?

You can find many translation services on the Internet that will serve your purpose. For instance, translation companies based in the United States is one such service that will accept your translation order online.

Universal Translation Services claims that their translators and proof-readers are experienced professionals, native English speakers who are highly fluent in Spanish, many of whom have or are pursuing Ph.Ds or Master's degrees in related areas of study, such as translation, comparative literature, or English.

How does an online company translate a marriage certificate from Spanish to English?

Typically, online translating companies require you to fill out a form on their website in order to submit any information needed by them. They may require you to upload the file that you need translated by such company.

Once they receive the document and the details, the company will review the same. They will assign a project manager along with some professional translators. The team that works on your translation will have to report to the project manager who will be accountable to you, the customer. The project manager will advise you if the company needs any other information from you.

Once you have submitted all the information needed by the company, the translating team will begin to work with your document. A native speaker of Spanish will usually be asked to read the translation to ensure that the translation is accurate and comprehensible to a Spanish local. The company will also have the document checked for typos, if any.

What to include when you translate a marriage certificate from Spanish to English

The first requirement of such translation is that it must be a literal copy or mirror image of the original marriage certificate. The translation must be accompanied by a statement of certification by the translator, with details as described hereunder:

The certificate of translation must contain the full name of the translating company or individual, along with such translator’s address. The translator must also provide you with a statement certifying that the translation is accurate and complete, and that the translator is competent to do the job, before dating and signing the document.

What to look for when you seek a company to translate a marriage certificate from Spanish to English

  1. A human translation service is better than an automated one. Ensure that the translating company relies on human translators as the accuracy of machine translation is suspect. Study the qualifications of the translators as described on the website of the translating service to ensure that they will do a satisfactory job. Ideally, the translator should be a native speaker of English with excellent fluency in Spanish.

  2. Competitive pricing is an important factor as you would not want to pay more than the market price. Some companies provide an instant quote service. Based on the language pairing you need and the number of words you want translated, the company will give you an indicative figure. Incidentally, the rate for a Spanish-to-English translation is relatively lower than for other language pairings. The nature of content you want translated can also determine the translation price. To give you a ball-park figure, a reputed translating company charges about $25 a page for a certified translation.

  3. Accuracy is critical. You must be assured that the content of the translated document mirrors that of the original certificate.

  4. Punctuality and Speed of delivery could be crucial, especially if you have a time-bound submission for a visa or immigration need. If you are in a hurry, you may have to pay a premium price.

You could look at customer reviews of the translating company to satisfy yourself that they meet your needs to perfection.

Precautions to take when you translate a marriage certificate from Spanish to English for submission to USCIS

The USCIS needs copies of any official, personal or vital document for its processes. In other words, do not submit the original document unless you are asked to do so. Also, ensure that the document you are submitting is a certified translation.


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