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By Mike Johnson on 2019-05-16 10:00:00

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Why are they beating EC3 every night, does he have Alex Riley heat?

I haven't heard that he's done anything to get heat, but it's obvious that right now, they see him as a body on the roster, not as a commodity they want to push.  I think that it ridiculous given what he brought to the take for Impact and even in NXT.  I hope it changes sooner than later.  For a company that said their last financial quarter was down because there were so many talents out, they had one with a great gift for gab that was given nothing to do.

A quick question about AEW. I've always been a lifelong wwe fan but for a while I couldn't justify constantly watching the product due to becoming an adult and not being able to justify over $50 a month in PPV fees. Then came the network, and the product has certainly has its ups and downs since then (I got back into it right before Daniel Bryan and Wrestlemania 30) but ive always been able to watch thanks to the network. I would love to give AEW a chance (I saw a backstage segment where Jericho goes off on Cody and clubs some assistant with a cane and it was awesome) but I can't throw down $50 a month plus to see the most important matches on PPV. Do you know if they've given any thought to lowering the PPV price? I haven't seen anyone mention price in relation to AEW competing with WWE because unfortunately for me, until they can compete with the network price, it doesn't matter how good the product is for me.

I have heard zero about them lowering the price, but it's always possible other events will be priced cheaper.  At the end of the day, the company hired Chris Jericho, Jim Ross, Kenny Omega, Cody, The Young Bucks, etc. and have been paying them since they were signed.  None of these were cheap signings.  It's a business, not a vanity project.  They have to recoup some of that expense and they are looking to put on a full blown, modern day production, not just a small indy show.  They have to dervice revenue from somewhere.  I agree that a lower price point would have made the show far more accessible, but we won't know whether the price point was wrong until we hear (which, to be fair, we may never hear) what the buyrate was.  If the audience was willing to pay that money, AEW priced the show fairly.  If not, AEW made a big error.  I will say this however - online fans have been complaining forever that they want a true alternative and a product that will be "theirs."  Now they have their chance to put their money where their mouth was.

Any update on Gallows and Anderson?

Zero change to their situation as of Wednesday night.

I don't get the aura or folklore as you said Mike about the Tom Magee/Bret Hart match? Basically Magee was a jacked up guy who got carried to a great match by Bret Hart? How is this a "what could have been" for Magee?  Magnum TA and David Von Erich are more what could have been because of injury and tragedy. Magee was derailed because of lack of talent. Your thoughts?

NO argument on Magnum and Von Erich.  The would have been story was something WWE crafted for the documentary, but when someone goes from being seen as the next Hulk Hogan internally to disappearing, there's an interesting story there.  Hart being the one to carry him and Magee being seen as the next big thing, when the next big thing actually turned out to be Hart, is pretty interesting too.  I don't think you'll ever hear anyone arguing Magee would be remembered as one of the great "should have beens" but it's an interesting "could have been" story.

How is it that Impact doesn't have money for Killer Kross but has money to once again resurrect a dead company in ECW and use all their has-beens?

Well, I don't have access to the Impact budgeting, but the last time I checked, WWE owned ECW and it's dead and buried, came back as a zombie (with a zombie no less!) and was shot in the head and buried again.  Unless you know the way to Stephen King's Pet Cemetary, it's not coming back.  It's dead.  It's obvious you didn't like ECW so you should be very happy about that. 

That said, the idea that former ECW talents can't wrestle or get work if Impact or someone else wants to book them is silly.  The Rock  N' Roll Express still get work and Jim Crockett Promotions died in 1988!  If a talent can provide something to a wrestling company, whether that be a good match, or drawing money, or adding to the content the company presents, they deserve to get booked and used within the context that they can provide.  Plus. a few matches in Philadelphia doesn't mean the entire Impact show is about to become Sabu city.  Come on now.

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