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By Adam Cardoza on 2019-05-15 23:20:00

Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory: Episode 7”

5/15/19 Worcester,MA

We have an absolute banger of a card lined up tonight. Chris Dickinson’s road to Americanrana and Daisuke Sekimoto continues as he takes on Eddie Kingston. David Starr’s road is just beginning, as he returns tonight to address his Americanrana plans. Chuck O’Neil makes his highly detested return to the Beyond ring against Rory Gulak. In a match I hoped for on Twitter a few weeks back, we’re getting Bear Country vs The Butcher & The Blade. And much more! From here, I can see Richard Holliday will be joining Paul Crockett in the commentary booth. That should be fun. Seriously, there’s a lot of stuff scheduled for this 2-hour block tonight. Let’s see how tight this show can be. 

David Starr is out first. He says that Beyond has recently upgraded their ring appearance to cater to the best independent wrestler in the world. He said he wasn’t coming back until something was worth his time. And now he has something...he’s upset Beyond didn’t invite him to the Lethal Lottery. But he is gonna announce his plan for Americanrana...and it is...

Josh Briggs music hits and he grabs the mic. Briggs doesn’t care about Americanrana. He cares about his win streak that Starr cost him at Treasure Hunt. He grabs Starr in a choke and says tonight, David will meet his god. Sounds like a hell of a main event...but we still don’t know what Starr’s rana plans are.

Match 1: Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake) vs The Butcher & The Blade (Alex Williams & Pepper Parks)

I asked for this match on Twitter a couple of weeks back and Beyond is delivering it on this brand new canvas. It looks to start traditional but immediately devolves into chaos. Beefcake and Williams nearly murder each other on a double crossbody. The bears are getting wiped out are first until Bronson fires up and takes everyone out. Williams and Beefcake trading chops in the center, Beefcake stops it with a huge dropkick. Parks with a swinging neckbreaker. Williams with an uranage to Bronson. Beefcake with a double fallaway slam to both of them. Beefcake whiffs a moonsault letting B&B catch him with a suplex lumbar check. Williams is dropped and Bear Country hits their electric chair splash on him for the pin.

Winners: Bear Country

Good energy here from both hard-hitting teams. Nice sprint of a match to hype the crowd up. Bear Country is over in Worcester! I’m happy for what we got here and I want Beyond to run this back in a longer format.

Match 2: Alex Reynolds vs Jay Freddie

The Beaver Boys are having a little team drama so we get to see them both in singles action tonight against both halves of a really awesome match from a few weeks. Despite being screwed over by Silver at Lethal Lottery, Reynolds is still universally hated by Worcester. Good technical sequences to open, Freddie hitting shoulder blocks for some quick pin attempts and wears down Reynolds with a side headlock. Reynolds finally takes control after a cheap shot on a corner break, leading to a hangman’s kneedrop that sends Freddie to the outside. Jay is smashed to the post and is nursing his neck as Reynolds starts making pin attempts back in the ring. Neckbreaker suplex for a near fall and Reynolds is just clubbing at Freddie’s head. Freddie fires back up and they trade chops and forearms. Freddie with a somersault stunner and saito suplex for a near fall. Running knee sets up a shining wizard and Freddie dives out after Reynolds. Jay Freddie with a top rope headbutt and Alex kicks out! Half Nelson suplex, superplex and a powerslam leads to a crossface but Freddie won’t tap! Jay Freddie reverses into a sharpshooter but Reynolds rakes the eyes! Reynolds with a roll up and feet on the rope but he’s caught! Reynolds going for the kill but Freddie with a sunset flip and locks that sharpshooter in again to get the tap out!

Winner: Jay Freddie

Hell Yeah. This was really good. Both guys really went for it here, Freddie showcasing what makes him a great energetic talent and Reynolds being a scrappy heel that can still hold his own.

Match 3: Chuck O’Neil vs Rory Gulak 

Rory has a bone to pick with Chuck after the last few weeks of O’Neil beating people up and cutting disrespectful promo after disrespectful promo. Worcester really hates on Chuck O’Neil and would like to see Gulak put a beating on him. Sadly, this was not Rory’s night. He throws his cape in O’Neil’s face, sending him into a rage on the outside. Chuck hits a flying knee and a Falcon Arrow into a cross arm breaker and Rory immediately taps.

Winner: Chuck O’Neil

This was exactly what it needed to be. Short. Brutal. Definitive. The crowd hated this (but in the best possible way). O’Neil grabs the mic and says his black belt is the only legit belt in Beyond and if Beyond is going to give him matches like this, he’ll have to make his own... well now.

Match 4: Chris Dickinson vs Eddie Kingston

Test of strength goes in the Dirty Daddy’s favor until Kingston suplexes him out of it. Kingston in Dickinson’s guard and fights against a triangle. Both guys scrambling for position but end in a stalemate. Dickinson says this is his house and Kingston’s gonna have to bring it. Dickinson doesn’t give him a chance to, as he starts blasting him with kicks and chops both inside and outside the ring. Kingston lays in a couple of good chops but then hits some seriously lackluster kicks and strikes. Dickinson fires back up with a huge lariat and second rope shoulder block and gets a near fall off a ddt. Dickinson with a high angle dvd for another two count. Eddie wakes up and hits some big lariats and a fisherman’s suplex for a near fall. Trading shots, Kingston goes for the back fist a couple times, Dickinson dodges and hits the Pazuzu bomb for the three count

Winner: Chris Dickinson

This wasn’t quite what I expected. Dickinson did his damndest to keep the energy of this match up in the early going. However, a bunch of offense didn’t look right for those first minutes and they took a while to get into gear. Once they clicked, it was all good and those last minutes were very entertaining.

It’s Discovery Gauntlet time! You gotta win it to stay in it. Thomas Santell has gotten VERY over with the Beyond crowd in the last two weeks. His challenger this week? Equador’s own Juan Francisco de Coronado.

He takes his damn sweet time getting to the ring. This is classic Juan. Santell is out to loving chants of “Ovaltine” and “Nerd”. This is wild.

Match 5: Thomas Santell vs Juan Francisco de Coronado

Santell has a present for Juan. It’s Ovaltine. Angry Juan is angry and throws the Ovaltine out of the ring. Santell is out for vengeance now and they lock up. They wrestle over a wrist lock, flipping and rolling out of each other’s attempts. They wrestle over both hands into monkey flips and bridge attempts. Santell slaps the face on a double bridge to a good pop. Juan with a cheap shot and takes control. Santell gets slammed into the ropes and Juan is working the leg. Juan’s got a figure four. Santell rolling through and reverses the pressure! Juan barely gets the ropes. Santell firing up and hits a clothesline, slams Juan to the buckle and lays in punches. Juan screams as Santell hits a German for a near fall. Juan with a rollup attempt but Santell reverses into a crossface. Juan escapes! They wrestle over a double underhook, Juan hits the powerbomb and locks in a standing cloverleaf. Santell rolls through and sends Juan to the buckle. Santell going for a sunset flip bomb, Juan dodges but misses a top rope somersault. Santell locks in a deep abdominal stretch and Juan taps!

Winner: Thomas Santell

Wow. This was fantastic! Both guys left it all in the ring, smooth work, good storytelling and the crowd was super into this. He says he plans on running his undefeated streak all the way to Americanrana. Ovaltine and Beer for everyone!

Match 6: Solo Darling vs Shazza McKenzie

Solo is hungry for legs and wants to tear Shazza’s off. She breaks her down with superior mat skills and lays in some stiff kicks to the chest and back. Shazza gets some back, locking the legs up and dropping slaps. Solo fires back with punches but Shazza blasts her with a double knee to the back and chest kicks. She gave Solo the leg too many times and Darling uses that to slam her to the apron. Solo with a bulldog off the post to the floor. Shazza fights back with a rana and corner boot for a near fall. Shazza is pissed! Shazza with a split leg stunner from the top. Owwww. Solo kicks out and locks in her sharpshooter for the tap!

Winner: Solo Darling

Decent chemistry with these two. It felt like it might be one-sided but Shazza fired up good for the comeback with great facial expressions. I do like this leg-hungry version of Solo a lot.

Match 7: John Silver vs Brandon Thurston 

It’s telling that Silver is using a new theme song compared to Reynolds. He’s carrying that CZW Heavyweight Championship that he just defended against Matt Tremont on Saturday. Thurston was the other half of that fantastic match with Jay Freddie a few weeks back. Hot test of strength start with flips and bridge pin attempts. Thurston is tossed to the ropes as Silver is showing his power. Thurston keeps the heat on, trying to twist the Meat Man up. Silver in the tree of woe, hits a double stomp from the top. Exploder for a near fall! Silver up and gets chopped but that revs him up, landing several retaliatory shots on Thurston. Big German from Silver but Thurston counters with a cutter for a near fall. Silver landing strikes for days and a huge lariat. Lawn dart and piledriver but Thurston kicks out! Alex Reynolds is out to cheer on Silver...maybe? Silver landing chest kicks but Brandon catches one into a suplex. Thurston going for the kill but Silver with a boot and suplex for a two count. Thurston gets a tilt a whirl into an arm bar but Silver muscles him up into a blue thunder bomb. Thurston reverses back into the arm bar. silver back up with a punt kick for the three count.

Winner: John Silver

Solid work and energy here from both guys. The story was mostly with the man at ringside though. Reynolds in to celebrate! They have a small standoff before Reynolds gets the mic. He says he knows the Beaver Boys haven’t been seeing eye to eye but they are better together. Together they are the tag team Aces of Beyond. They are best friends! Next week, they need to come back here as the Beaver Boys. Reynolds has his hand out, Silver drops the CZW belt and they hug. I love how Silver should be the heel in this drama but god, the crowd can’t help booing Reynolds.

They announce Beaver Boys vs Bear Country, Solo Darling vs Skylar, Whisper vs Ophidian, Dickinson vs Eric Stevens and the return of Nick Gage for next week.

Main Event: Josh Briggs vs David Starr

At Treasure Hunt, Starr ran in and cost Briggs his first loss in many months at Beyond, breaking his attempt at the longest win streak in Beyond. Back from injury, Briggs is finally in a position to take his revenge. 

Briggs with a boot to The Product’s head, interrupting his nickname introduction. Big slam and clubbing blows to The Jewish Cannon. Backbreaker and ambiguities splash to Your Favorite Wrestler’s Favorite Wrestler. Briggs misses a big boot and Mr. Americanrana starts going to work on Josh’s previously injured hip and knee. The 104 minute man keeps the heat on, twisting and clawing at Briggs’ knee, getting in ref Quinn’s face on breaks. The Cream in your Coffee trying to yank the leg back out of the socket, applying a bridging leg lock. Briggs is suddenly easy picking for Davey Wrestling and he’s getting angry. A hobbled Briggs clubs The King of Taunts to the apron and whips him back into across the knee. Josh goes for a powerbomb but his knee gives out. Battle to the outside Briggs shows Statr that being really good at Twitter is no match for a boot to the face. The most charismatic man in professional wrestling catches Briggs’ foot again and clubs him down but the big man is up again and absorbing lariats. Briggs has him up up for a choke slam but gets DDT’d. Big lariat for a two count. The Bernie Sanders of Professional Wrestling locks up a cloverleaf but Briggs escapes. Trading shots in the center and neither man can stay standing. Briggs dropping shots and gets The Main Event up for the choke powerbomb....but he doesn’t go for the pin. “You broke my win streak, it’s time to die!”. Briggs goes up to commentary and steals Paul Crockett’s chair. Quinn threatens to disqualify Briggs. The Independent one dares him to do it. Briggs drops the chair, boots Starr and rains punches down. He starts dismantling the top turnbuckle while Starr goes for the chair. He hits Briggs in the leg while the ref is fixing the buckle. Bridging German and Briggs is down for the three.

Winner: David Starr

Great story told here. Starr was a predator and Briggs was super intense, more hungry for retribution than a victory. Starr on the mic, “What a win for ME!”. Starr’s sharing his Americanrana plan now....but first he makes a point to run down Orange Cassidy for making a joke out of the IWTV title. But as for Americanrana...he wants to talk about Joey Janela again. He had respect for him...but now Janela can’t hack it and sold out. He’s a fake and Starr is real. Starr is so real that for Americanrana....David Starr won’t be there.

I’m sure there’s more to this still to come.

And that’s it! Episode 7 in the books. This was a solid show that was focused on more shorter form matches squeezed into the time. As a result, it felt a little longer than some of the previous episodes...but also delivered a few very good contests during that time. Next week’s going to have some interesting story moments. Until then!

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