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By Mike Johnson on 2019-05-15 15:30:00

Several readers sent word that the price point for AEW's Double or Nothing PPV streaming on Bleacher Report Live will be $49.99.  The show is listed for that price on The Sling App as well.

John McMullen of TSN is reporting that TNT will be covering the production costs of AEW's weekly series, that the series will fall under the entertainment banner for WarnerMedia but presented as a sports property and that currently, there are no rights fees but that the two sides will share in ad revenue with AEW getting a great deal in that regard.  McMullen pointed out that a deal of this nature is unprecedented for a start-up and that it took WWE 35 years before they hit the level of money they make today off TV rights.  I'd credit it getting done to Tony Khan's relationship with WarnerMedia.  Dave Scherer and I talked a lot about the opportunity that AEW has here today on the We Don't Need No Stinkin' Name Show and discussed a lot of what we expected the deal was based on the announcement, hitting many of the same points.     This is the biggest opportunity for any wrestling promotion in the United States in decades from an exposure and long-term perspective.  That cannot be underscored.  If they can bring in numbers for TNT, there will be money flowing their way for sure in the years to come.  That is a massive network with a massive potential audience.  The marathon will officially kick off when AEW's series debuts

TNT tweeted:

TNT series Claws got into the act, welcoming AEW, using footage from last season on the show that featured Wildkat Wrestling's Luke Hawx as an oil wrestler:

Dustin Rhodes tweeted:

Cody Tweeted:


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