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By Kendall Jenkins on 2019-05-15 08:08:00

When browsing the app store checking out what's new and bang on trend its quite easy to forget that it wasn’t so many years ago (around 12 years) that the very first iPhone was launched.

Fast forward to today and if we were to be asked what is closest to you right now, your wallet or purse, your house keys or your smartphone, it would be likely that you would answer your smartphone as we have come to rely on them for so much more than making a call.

We all lead busy lives and for some of us there are never enough hours in the day to complete what we want to do, so making use of our smartphones to check our banking, carry out the weekly shop and browse for goods and other services has now become the norm.

Convenience is the name of the game and anything that lets us grab a few minutes back is always welcome, so much so that we are now turning to our smartphones to spend those spare minutes sourcing our entertainment.

Most of us have our social media sites which we check to catch up with family and friends, and many of us also watch videos and film online via our smartphones, and statistics also tell us that increasing numbers of us are also sourcing games sites like’s brand new casino sites where we can find some online casino action when and where we choose thanks to the advancement in software, hardware that uses the software and a more reliable and widely available internet connection.

Being able to play games in such a way is quite incredible when you think that playing games used to be an awful experience, and one where you would not have entertained the idea of investing any of your own hard-earned cash.

Game playing on a mobile phone began way back with those black and white games that were available on the Nokia, and if you can remember the you might also remember those WAP games that were downloadable onto your feature phone.

But it was the arrival of 3G mobile data that led sports betting onto our mobile phones. From that start technology has driven the growth of the mobile casino market to even greater heights until we now can enjoy superior games, in great resolution and all with high quality video and audio clips.

Our mobile phones today give us tremendous computing power – all at the touch of a fingertip with creators and developers able to sell their games directly to their customers via the AppStore which means we, as consumers, can pick and choose what suits us the best in order to tailor-make our phones perfectly.

We have come to expect only the very best from our online games, and that is why playing them appeals to so many of us who return repeatedly for their entertainment value in our busy days.


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