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By Matthew Macklin on 2019-05-14 16:01:00

Best of the Super Juniors Day 2, Sendai, May 14th:

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B Block

DOUKI defeated Ren Narita.  This saw the tournament debuts of two last minute additions, as they replaced El Desperado & Flip Gordon. DOUKI was accompanied by Taichi, so he will be linked to Suzuki-Gun, as he also has history with Desperado. He is a Japanese wrestler that has spent a lot of time in Mexico. He used a chair and controlled Narita with some submissions. Narita fired up and got back into the match. A great spot saw him hit his belly to belly suplex, but he was unable to hold the bridge, which may have cost him the match, DOUKI hit a sloppy DDT followed by an incredible wheelbarrow dragon suplex to pick up his first win. This match was really all about establishing DOUKI to a new audience. 

Robbie Eagles defeated Rocky Romero.  This was great. It was really well worked and everything they did made sense. Eagles went after the knee of Romero, and Romero targeted the arm of Eagles when he hit a great rolling armbar. There was a great spot here where Rocky’s knee gave out as he ran for the forever clothesline’s, Eagles hit a springboard dropkick to the knee and locked on the Rob Miller Special (inverted Indian deathlock), but Rocky got to the ropes. They went back and forth, both hitting versions of the Shiranui. Rocky got some great near falls off roll ups. Eagles hit Turbo Backpack, but Romero kicked out. The finish saw Eagles hit a 450 Splash to the knee and lock on the Rob Miller Special again for the submission win. 

El Phantasmo defeated Bandido.  Parts of this were good and parts of this were very indie. If you like lots of cool moves at a fast pace, you’ll probably enjoy this. ELP has been one of the most improved wrestlers on the UK scene over the past year or so. He hit some nice looking dives. Bandido tried to use his power, but struggled to get ELP up and just dropped him so he could hit a superkick, which made no sense to me. ELP hit a destroyer, Bandido no sold it, then hit one of his own, and they both went down. ELP tried a rope walk, but he was cut off and Bandido hit a moonsault fall away slam, which almost ended badly.  ELP hit a big frog splash for a near fall and then trapped the arms of Bandido before hitting a face plant from a piledriver position to score his first win.  

Will Ospreay defeated BUSHI.  This one took a while to get going, but when it did it was really good. It started picking up when BUSHI countered the OsCutter with a codebreaker. BUSHI hit a top rope rana, but Ospreay landed on his feet and followed up with a Spanish Fly, which was a great spot. BUSHI DDT’d Ospreay on the apron, which Ospreay sold incredibly and barely made it back in before the 20 count. The finish was really well done. Ospreay blocked the mist of BUSH, then hit a hook kick, causing BUSHI to spray into the air. Ospreay hit the Hidden Blade and Stormbreaker to win the match. 

Ryusuke Taguchi defeated YOH.  This didn’t feel like a match that should be main eventing the opening night of the block, but it was a very good match, although not one that anyone will remember in a few days time. There was some comedy from Taguchi early on, but for the most part, this was the more serious side of The Funky Weapon. YOH went after the knee and used a figure four, which they went back and forth in. YOH got some near falls when he was able to counter Dodon and Ankle Lock attempts. Taguchi tried to bring out YOH’s fire when they traded forearms. YOH kicked out of Dodon, but Taguchi hit a version of the move from a torture rack to score the win. 

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