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By Mike Johnson on 2019-05-14 09:59:00

WWE Network released their 30 minute documentary on the "Holy Grail" tape of Tom Magee vs. Bret Hart last night.  It's a fun watch with Sean Waltman, Kassius Ohno, Bret Hart, Sam Roberts and Tom Magee, among others interviewed.  They build up the tape as lost footage of this star who WWE had tabbed to be the next Hulk Hogan, but it never turned out to happen, except the guy he was wrestling, who made him look like the next big star, was instead, as it turned out, the successor to Hogan's throne.  The one hole in the story is how WWE lost the tape but Bret Hart managed to have a copy of it, which was never really explained.  The story is that when Hart's former assistant had his VHS tapes converted to DVD to save space, the original VHS was left with long-time fan and photographer Mary-Kate Anthony, who had done all the dubbing and she realized earlier this year that the footage was the long lost match. 

The footage, complete with WWF post-production elements and commentary from Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan, is shown at the end of the documentary and it's pretty cool to see something from that era.  Magee comes off really well, interviewed towards the end as someone who was somewhat surprised by the hype around the match, thanks Hart for giving him such a great match and comes off as just a really nice guy who is appreciative that this is even happening.  Hart breaks down how he called the match and helped Magee in the ring. 

Roberts sort of represents the tape trading fans of the 1980s and 1990s and puts over how in the Internet age, there is so little actual folklore left, which left this tape as that rare commodity among fans.  Ohno and Waltman are just great in this as well, providing historical insight.  Waltman was so good in this that WWE should call upon him for every historical piece they do.  The overall documentary was very well put together and I'd love to see WWE do similar pieces around other historical content.


WWE Studios' Fighting with My Family was officially released on DVD and Blu-Ray today.

Bray Wyatt's new mask was created by special effects legend Tom Savini's effects team:

The WWE European tour finishes up over the next several days with the following dates.  If anyone is attending any of these events, is seeking live reports.  Thanks!

Wednesday 5/15 Smackdown in Magdeburg, Germany.

Wednesday 5/15 Raw in Birmingham, England.

Thursday 5/16 Raw in Sheffield, England.

Thursday 5/16 Smackdown in Hamburg, Germany.

Friday 5/17 Smackdown in Berlin, Germany.

Friday 5/17 Raw in Cardiff, Wales.

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