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By Adam Cardoza on 2019-05-14 09:16:00

CZW “Tangled Web”

Voorhees, NJ 5/11/19

Match 1: Young Dumb N' Broke (Charlie Tiger, Ellis Taylor, Jordan Oliver & Griffin McCoy w/ Valentina Vazquez) vs. IFHY (Johnathan Wolf & Shawn Kemp) & Above the Rest (Tristian Thai & Gabriel Skye)

IFHY & ATR stay on top of YDNB in the early going until Wolfe is isolated by the youngsters. Oliver keeps Wolfe from making the tag and taunts the other side mercilessly. Kemp tags and makes the save. Skye with a 450 dive to the outside but overshoots. Second dive to everyone hits. Skye gets Oliver on the top and hits a sliced bread to the outside on everyone. IFHY with a pair of gut busters and corner jackhammers but Tiger breaks up the pin on Oliver. Skye gets quad teamed and almost pinned on a pop up cutter. Thai with a full Nelson cutter for a near fall. YDNB hits a giant series of a DVD, double stomp & cutter. A senton on Kemp finishes the combo and wraps it up for YDNB.

Winners: YDNB

Couple of rough bits in the middle but I like them starting slow and building to the wilder spots. YDNB playing fair and winning with the strength of their superior teamwork was a good twist here. Loved that finishing sequence.

DJ Hyde & Conor Claxton are out to announcer the winner essay contest? Ah, it’s to see who faves Claxton in the first round of Tournament of Death. The crowd wants none of it. Jimmy Chondo Lyon is out to tell Claxton that he doesn’t have the balls to pick him. Turns out he did win after all. He gets to face Cloxton in the first round of TOD. Claxton ambushes and gets a pair of chair and looks to piledrive him through. Matt Tremont runs in for the save.

Tremont’s on the mic now to pump up Jimmy. House of Glory is surrounding the ring. Gangone gets in the ring and remonds Tremont that DJ thinks of him as a reserve player who he let leave the company. Gangone wants CZW to die but Tremont can go have a good career somewhere else. Tremont holds DJ back from taking a shot. It’s clear Gangone got into Tremont’s head a little as they trade looks exiting the ring.

The Rep is out to run Gangone off but they are greeted by HOG’s New York Wrecking Krew. It comes to blows immediately, the bell rings and we have a match.

Match 2: The REP (Nate Carter & Dave McCall) (w/ Maven Bentley & Kris Bishop) vs. New York Wrecking Krew (Chris Seaton & Smoothe Blackmon)

This is a huge brawl. Everyone getting thrown to the rails. REP takes the advantage early but a tope from Seaton turns the tables. Carter blasted into the guardrail and the Krew start destroying McCall. Carter is back to the ropes but McCall is isolated and eating allllllllllll the double teams. Carter in to clean house finally and gets a near fall on Seaton off a huge lariat. Seaton returns the lariat but McCall breaks it up. The Rep in with their 3D-style facebuster on Seaton for the pin.

Winner: The Rep

Enjoyable brawl from both teams that never let the gas pedal up. The Rep calls out Gangone because he’s still holding the CZW tag titles hostage amidst this inter promotional feud.

Match 3: CZW Rules: Casanova Valentine vs. “Big Scare” Officer Dan O'Hare

It’s a Tournament of Death preview match. O’Hare has barbed wire garden spade nunchucks. He misses his first swing and Casanova immediately grinds them into the forehead, cutting him open. Tossed to the outside, valentine blasts him with a chair but O’Hare hits a yakuza kick and sets up a chair four-square. He misses the suplex but valentine looks to be bleeding profusely after that kick. O’Hare with a backstabber and he’s digging into Casanova’s forehead with the spade chucks. O’Hare opens up his handcuffs and gouges Valentine further. Jeez. Chair set up in the corner but Big Scare misses it with the exploder. O’Hare is knocked over the ropes and Casanova tosses him to the floor, through that chair square from earlier. Ow. Big spinning heel kick from Valentine for a near fall. O’Hare sets up a chair upside down....this is worrying. He goes to suplex valentine into it but Casanova reverses into an uranage right into the upright chair legs. O_O ref counts the three after that.

Winner: Casanova Valentine

A low-speed car crash of a match with a couple bursts of energy. I definitely breathed a sigh of relief that O’Hare didn’t get hurt worse on that final chair spot.

Match 4: Matt Travis vs. Jimmy Rave

Travis, repping House of Glory colors, is here to call out Jordan Oliver for a shit at the CZW Wired Championship. It’s not his night, as Jimmy Rave answers the call instead. Rave says Travis has to beat him if he wants to start making demands around here. Some good in-ring storytelling here as Travis looks to prove himself to the veteran Rave. Long feeling out process as they trade arm drags, holds and reverse each out. Rave is generally getting the better of Travis, sending him running for cover several times. Travis with a straight jacket choke. Rave tries to power out and reverse but Travis gets it back. Rave whipped but grabs a tilt-a whirl into a cross face but Travis gets the rope. Travis throws a disrespectful finger but Rave slaps him back. Rave with a pedigree off the top rope. New York Wrecking Krew hits the ring with the Rep in close pursuit. Chaos everywhere. Travis goes for a sunset flip but Rave kicks him and gets a visual fall but the ref is distracted. A masked man hits the ring and punts Rave in the face, allowing Travis to get the crucifix pin.

Winner: Matt Travis

The masked man comes back and it’s House of Glory’s Ken Broadway, who rains cash on Rave before helping Travis out of the ring. I really liked the story here and the schmozz finish definitely took away some of the respect Travis may have earned FROM rave in there.

The Platinum Hunnies are out! Angel Sinclair & Ava Everett are here to say while Anthony Greene isn’t here, your WSU tag champs are! They have a special message for CZW. There will be a Friday night show on July 12th where Anthony Greene will be number one contender for the world title. Candy Cartwright is out dressed in Platinum Hunnies gear. She says she’s auditioning to be a Platinum Hunnies. Smart Mark Sterling is out now to say no one cares about Anthony Greene. Sterling’s doing a Right to Censor thing but says he’s here to announce his association with Alex Reynolds. This is weird, Reynolds is wearing a polo shirt and khaki shorts. Reynolds teases a kiss on Angel but hits Ava with a super kick and lays out Angel with a jumping tombstone. It’s a message for Anthony Greene. Candy Cartwright, the faux Hunnie, smiles her way out of danger.

Match 5: Gary Jay vs. Cole Raderick vs. Jimmy Lloyd

Jay was supposed to face Fred Yehi but Yehi couldn’t make it tonight. Gary Jay finds himself instead in a triple threat with Raderick and Lloyd. Fight spills to the outside quickly as jay gets Raderick DVD’d into him. Raderick hit with a corkscrew neckbreaker from Lloyd. Wild action back in the ring drops all them down until we have slap and forearm fest in the center. All three men down again after that. Lloyd spikes Raderick for a near fall. Jay with a corkscrew ddt on Lloyd for a two count. Raderick with an Ace crusher for a near fall on Jay. Lloyd with a facebuster slam on Raderick for the pin.

Winner: Jimmy Lloyd

Fun sprint of a match for what it was and didn’t overstay it’s welcome. Jimmy Lloyd says he’s entering himself into Tournament of Death. He wants to be a back-to-back winner. He sends out a challenge to John Wayne Murdoch for the first round.

Match 6: CZW Rules: CZW World Title: Matt Tremont vs. John Silver (c)

Silver won the CZW Heavyweight Championship last month at Best of the Best. It’s been a point of contention in other promotions for the last several weeks and led to some friction between h and Beaver Boys tag partner Alex Reynolds. In his way tonight is CZW stalwart and former champ, Matt Tremont. Fight is to the outside right away as they trade chops and stiff kicks. In the crowd, Tremont is raining easily a dozen chairs onto Silver. The meat man reverses and puts the boot to Tremont. More kicks but a Tremont throws a chair and tosses Silver back over the guardrail. Tremont going for more chairs but Silver cuts him off. Tremont turns him inside out with a clothesline for a near fall. Silver seems out of his element with all this weaponry at his disposal. Silver with more kicks and tosses Tremont through chairs set up in the corners. Silver goes for a corkscrew ddt but Tremont tosses him off and hits an elbow for a near fall. Another chair set up and covered in thumbtacks....”Welcome to my world, motherf***er”. Silver gets out with a kick to the back of the head and a German. Silver grabs some thumbtack kickpads...straps them on and lays into Tremont’s chest and face. Oh god. Tremont fires up and slams Silver through that thumbtack chair and hits a piledriver....kick out! Tremont’s head is a mess. Silver tosses Tremont into a chair wedged in the corner and drops kickpad first into the Bulldozer. Anthony Gangone is out and hits a spin out TKO on Silver, encouraging Tremont to take the win. Tremont doesn’t want to win like this! DJ Hyde is out with a loaded first but Gangone ducks and Tremont is laid out. uh oh. Ha Gangone takes out DJ. Silver superkicks Gangone. Silver with a punt kick with the kick pads to Tremont for the pin. Wild.

Winner: John Silver

Decent match as Silver was playing out of his comfort zone and ramped slowly into Tremont’s violent stylings. This HOG angle is going into overdrive tonight, clearly but Tremont a good out for another showdown later. Silver confirms that Tremont didn’t plan the chaos and they hug after. DJ and Tremont are having heated words at ringside. Gangone’s words are ringing in Tremont’s ears and he can still taste DJ’s fist. Tremont leaves a bewildered Hyde at ringside. More to come, it would seem.

Main Event: Tangled Web: Brandon Kirk vs. MASADA

Alright. What ungodly hell am I about to see? Barbed wire ropes on two sides. No ropes on the other two. Barbed wire frame. Barbed wire tables set up at ringside. There’s a bunch of other barbed wire stuff around. This is gonna suck for someone. Both guys do not want to be the first to taste the steel so a lot of dancing around that. Kirk gets a forehead full of barbed wire before MASADA tosses him into the crowd and they battle through the chairs. Kirk headfirst into the barbed wire table and he’s bleeding. Kirk better fire up soon because MASADA is using him as a punching bag and is giving no respect to his opponent. Kirk finally kicks MASADA to the ropes and blasts him across the back with a barbed wire chair and barbed wire frame. MASADA is bleeding after he is ground into the table. MASADA tosses Kirk across the wired structure at ringside and he’s hurting. Kirk gets raked across the wire and MASADA is kicking him from underneath can grinding the wire in harder. Kirk is stuck in the wire and needs to be cut out. MASADA rips a piece of wood from structure and batters Kirk with it. He breaks the wood further and stabs it into Kirk’s skull. Brandon getting beaten with chairs and knees but kicks out. Kirk says “Just kill me” to MASADA. Crossarmbreaker

and MASADA drops extra kicks into Kirk’s face. More stiff chair shots. MASADA leaves Kirk laying to get counted out but Kirk gets up at nine. MASADA is holding nothing back at the man who called him out for this matchup. Kirk with a kick to the guy and it’s a fleeting moment of hope as MASADA skids a barbed wire chair across a table to drop him again. Another moment of hope for Kirk, he hits a spine buster through the table and a pile driver for a two count. MASADA throws Kirk through the barbed wire table at ring side and Kirk looks dead. Ref is counting Kirk out. He gives him leeway as MASADA needs to be backed off but Kirk is trapped in the wire for almost a twenty count before the bell rings.

Winner: MASADA

Brutal. MASADA gave no f***s beating Kirk from pillar to post. Certainly not everyone’s cup of tea but it was a long-form well-worked bit of ultraviolence. Definitely worth watching if this is your thing.

Casanova Valentine is out to say that after he wins Tournament of Death, he’s coming for MASADA. MASADA gone soft. He’s a part-timer. Valentine says the next time MASADA can make it here, he wants no ropes, barbed wire. Kirk is freed from the wire and thanks everyone.

The specter of the House of Glory feud hung over this whole show. There was a lot of chaos as a result, mostly for good storytelling though. Couple of Production Notes - I was watching the rough cut of this so unsure what the final edit will entail but: One cam seemed to have a consistent focus/blue issue through most of the show. Commentator mics sounded overblown and hearing anything clearly in the house mic was difficult. Otherwise, a solid show from an action and story standpoint. Sounds like I might have to brave ToD next month...

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