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By Mike Johnson on 2019-05-13 09:56:00

This happened a few weeks ago, but as I was catching up on my viewing of the great Svengoolie series on Me-TV via DVR this weekend, I was surprised to see former WWE star CM Punk pop up several times over the course of an episode that aired a few weeks ago featuring the 1961 film Valley of the Dragons.  For those unfamiliar, Svengoolie is a staple in Chicago, hosting horror movies in character, similar to Elvira or the late, great Zacherly.  Punk popped up unannounced in Svengoolie’s dungeon on the series and it was noted that Punk, who like Svengoolie is based out of Chicago, used to watch the show when he had a real job to avoid actually working and mentioned his dog, Larry Talbot, named after Lon Chaney Jr’s most famous role from The Wolf Man, looks just like the classic Universal Monster.  They noted that Punk has a pair of horror movie roles coming up and Punk noted that as a horror fan, having a small role in the remake of David Cronenberg’s Rabid, calling it “bucket list stuff” for him.    They also talked about Punk’s forthcoming starring role in the horror film Girl on the Third Floor.  At the end of the show every week, there’s a gag where someone rings Svengoolie’s doorbell, but only their hand is seen as they do some gags over the credits.  This week, the hand turned out to be Punk’s as he made another last second cameo.  Punk looked very happy to be appearing and was billed as Phil Brooks aka CM Punk.     Svengoolie himself, played by Rich Koz, is a big wrestling fan and has had Jim Cornette, Jerry Lawler, Mick Foley and Lisa Marie Varon on in the past. 

The final episode of the first season of Dark Side of the Ring, focusing on The Fabulous Moolah and all the claims made about her, will air this Wednesday at 10 PM Eastern on Viceland.   The network has been very happy with the series, so I’d be stunned if they didn’t get picked up for a second season.  There is already a half-finished episode surrounding Dino Bravo filmed as they did a ton of interviews in Montreal with his family and others for an episode that was originally earmarked for season one, but when they decision was made to cut from ten episodes down to six, it was one of the episodes that was halted.

The early ticket sales for the 9/15 AAA event in Madison Square Garden have not been encouraging.

Kane has been announced as one of the headline guests for the Big Event convention in NYC on 11/16 in Queens.

James Storm will be coming in to work the New York Wrestling Connection’s 2019 Master of the Mat event on Saturday 5/19, teaming with Storm & Willy Wise vs. Randy Summers & Joey Conway.  The official Master of the Mat match will feature Rory Gulak vs. Alex Reynolds vs. two competitors to be named.  Lisa Wilcox, who was featured as Alice in several of the Nightmare on Elm Street films, will also be appearing.  Also set for the event is NYWC Champion Rex Lawless vs. Pat Buck, NYWC Tag Team Champions Papadon & Talon vs. The New York Wrecking Krew, NYWC Fusion Champion Bull James vs. Michael Mistretta and more.  For details, visit

ICW returns to Queens, NY this Friday 5/17 with Sami Callihan vs. Nick Gage in a Last Man Standing Match, Rich Swann vs. Marko Stunt, Homicide vs. Joe Gacy vs. Sanchez vs. KTB, Chris Dickinson vs. Maria Manic, Penelope Ford vs. Scarlett Bordeaux and Jimmy Lloyd vs. Grim Reefer advertised.  The show will air live at

Bob Backlund, Tatanka, Tommy Dreamer, Tito Santana,  Snitsky, Jimmy Hart, Tony Atlas, Little Guido, Sal Sincere, and The Patriot (aka Sal Sincere) are all scheduled for the East Coast Pro Wrestling event on Friday 5/17 in Long Valley, NJ at the Meadowbrook Fieldhouse.   Tatanka and Atlas will be making a free signing appearance this Saturday 5/18 at the Wrestling Universe store in Queens, NY and then wrestling for ECPW in Goshen, NY that evening.

Spike Huber, who started out in Dick the Bruiser’s WWA (he was Bruiser’s son in law) before making appearances in Memphis and the WWF as an undercard wrestler is making his first-ever wrestling convention appearance at The Gathering in Charlotte, NC this August.  For more details, click here.

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