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By Mike Johnson on 2019-05-13 08:15:00

This is the OVW Report for the May 11, 2019 (100th) edition of the Saturday Night Special!


-The OVW Heavyweight Title currently held by Justin Smooth is on the line in an all-former champion gauntlet!

-Ca$h Flo vs. the returning Sam Thompson!

-Drew Hernandez faces Tony Bizo in a 1-on-1 match!

-Plus much more!

Your announcers for tonight are Josh Ashcraft & Dr. Ted McNaler, and Brittany Devore & Mercy are the ring announcers.

William Lutz vs. Dustin Jackson (w/Lily).
Dustin locks up the arm. Lutz flips through and reverses. Dustin breaks free and snapmares him. He hits a running boot to the face and a dropkick. Lutz rolls out and hides behind Lily. He throws Lily into Dustin, then attacks him from behind. Lutz rolls him in and clubs him in the corner. He headbutts the arm and takes Dustin down with a reverse cross body. He goes up top and Dustin avoids the moonsault. Dustin with a hard clothesline, running knee, and dive outside onto Lutz who had rolled out. He rolls him back in, goes up top, and hits the splash from the top for the 3.WINNER: DUSTIN by pinfall.

8-MAN TAG: "The Veteran" Apollo, Ashton Cove, & "The Void": Chace Destiny & Nigel Winters vs. Big Zo, KTD, & OVW Southern Tag Team Champions "Kings Ransom": Maximus & Leonis Khan.KTD locks up Cove's arm and slams him. He hits a shoulder block off the ropes. Cove tags Nigel. Off the ropes, he hits KTD with a big dropkick. He tags Chace and they hit a double underhook hip toss for 2. Apollo tags himself in and argues with Chace. KTD tags Zo in while this is going on. Zo throws him to the corner and hits the cartwheel butt bump and back elbows, followed by a splash. Leonis tags in and tags Maximus. He throws Apollo off the ropes and Maximus hits him with a shoulder tackle. Apollo tags out to Cove. He locks Cove up and tags in KTD. In the corner, Cove tags Chace and he works over the arm. He tags Nigel, who jumps in across the arm. Cove tags back in and hits a suplex. Apollo tags in and hits a big slam, but misses a legdrop. Zo tags in and slams Apollo. Apollo tags Cove in. Cove leaps into Zo's arm and Zo hits a slam on him. The Void runs in, but he takes them down. Maximus tags in and takes all 4 opponents down. Leonis jumps in and they hit the Void in opposite corners with hard chops, then do the same to Cove & Apollo in the other 2 corners. Maximus hits Cove with a hard spear for the 3.

Valerie Vermin vs. Megan Bayne.
Val wants a handshake, but then kicks the leg of Meg. Meg pulls her in for a hard handshake and then slams her across the ring. She misses a kneedrop and Val goes back on the attack of the leg and knee. Val continues to stomp it and work it over. She locks in a submission and uses the ropes for leverage. The ref catches her and she has to break. Meg starts to comeback, throwing Val hard into opposite corners. She hits the big vertical suplex and gets the 3!WINNER: MEGAN by pinfall.

ANARCHY TITLE MATCH: DL3 (w/Big D) vs. "The Warlord of Weird"Sinn Bodhi (c).
Sinn says he gets to pick the stipulation, so Al Snow must be crazier than him. He says this will be a "Fluffy the Elephant" on a pole match with no rules. DL3 tries to go for the elephant right away as D distracts Sinn. Sinn pulls him down and slams him several times, then gives him the funnel cake. He delivers an airplane spin into a suplex. He chases DL3 on the outside, hitting D and running DL3 into the ringpost. He hits DL3's face into a fan's foot at ringside. He goes to get in, but D grabs his foot and DL3 kicks the ropes. DL3 hits the jumping clothesline on Sinn in the corner. He goes for the elephant, but it goes flying. The ref puts it back up as they brawl on the outside. DL3 throws his shoe at Sinn, but Sinn hits him and chokeslams himself on DL3. D runs in, but elbows DL3 by mistake. He bulldogs DL3 onto D. He goes to climb, but D hits him from behind again. Sinn drops a reverse headbutt down low to D. He hangs upside down and bites DL3. He throws DL3 out and goes back for the elephant. DL3 hits him from behind with a trash can lid. DL3 & D double team him. DL3 hits him in the gut with the lid and kicks him. Sinn drops D with a chinbuster and then hits DL3 with an electric chair drop. Sinn retrieves the elephant.

NON-TITLE MATCH: Television Champion Drew Hernandez vs. Tony Bizo.
Bizo takes the fight to Drew and slams him. Drew rolls out and Bizo chases him around the ring and hits his head off the apron. He picks him up for a slam, but Bizo's knee or leg seems to go out. He cannot continue, so the ref calls for the bell. (NOTE: The ref threw up the dreaded "X". Hopefully, it's nothing too serious and Bizo will be able to return to action soon.)

Ca$h Flo vs. "The Boy Wonder" Sam Thompson.
Sam fires away and knocks Ca$h into the corner. He charges in and splashes him. He charges again, but runs into a super kick. Ca$h chops him hard in the corner. Sam back with a quick rollup attempt for 2. Ca$h with a big slam. Ca$h with a butt drop, but Sam moves. Sam with some kicks to the midsection and a step up enziguri. He punches Ca$h in the corner, but Ca$h powerbombs him across the ring. He delivers more hard chops in the corner. He throws Sam off the ropes and bulldozes him into the ropes. Sam rolls out of the ring. The ref starts the count. Sam gets in at 9 and Ca$h gives him a buckle bomb. He delivers a second one. He goes for a third, but Sam slides out. He rolls Ca$h up for a quick 3 for the win!
WINNER: SAM by pinfall.

(NOTE: It was announced that Tony Bizo's kneecap actually popped out of place and he was being taken to a local medical facility for treatment. OVWmania wishes him the best on a speedy recovery.)


Jay Bradley vs. Rudy Switchblade.Rudy grabs the arm and Jay headbutts him. He chops him in the corner. Rudy flips over him, then hits a headscissors. Jay catches him, but Rudy slides out, takes Jay down and stomps on the midsection. He hits a seated senton and tries to pin for 2. Jay catches him with a boot off the ropes. He throws Rudy off the ropes. Rudy hangs in the ropes, but Jay plows him to the outside. He hits him on the apron and rolls him in. He slams him and hits a kneedrop for 1. Jay with a snap suplex for 2. Jay with a charge, but Rudy gets the boot up. Rudy leaps at him, but Jay catches him. Rudy with a boot again and flips over the top rope. He leaps in with a roundhouse DDT for 2. Jay catches him with a slam and an elbow off the middle rope. He hits the Boomstick for the 3!

Jay Bradley vs. "Mr. Marvelous" Melvin Maximus.
They exchange shots in the middle of the ring. They run into each other with neither man going down. Melvin finally takes him down with a flying shoulder tackle. Jay back with a slam, then Melvin slams him. Melvin clotheslines him in the corner. Jay reverses a throw, then boots him in the corner. He goes for a suplex, but Melvin reverses. Jay out at 2. Both men go off the ropes and Jay plows Melvin down. He clotheslines him on the mat for 2. He clubs Melvin and goes up top. Jay walks across the top rope, but Melvin slams him off, then clotheslines him. He goes for the powerslam, but Jay slides off and takes out the leg. Jay hits the elbow off the middle rope and sets up for the Boomstick. Melvin catches him with a modified F5 for the 3!

Amon vs. "Mr. Marvelous" Melvin Maximus.
Amon goes right on the attack and chokes Melvin in the ropes. He stretches him out in a submission. Amon clubs him and locks the submission in again. Amon goes for the STH, but Melvin fights back and hits another modified F5 for the 3!

Adam Revolver (w/Shannon the Dude) vs. "Mr. Marvelous" Melvin Maximus.
Adam locks in the sleeper from behind. Melvin flips him over and clotheslines him. Adam rolls out and calls for a timeout. Adam pulls him out of the ring and chops him. He hits Melvin off the apron to the floor. The ref starts to count and Melvin gets in at 8. Adam chokes him and Melvin rolls out again. Adam stomps him on the floor and STD hits him while Adam distracts the ref. Melvin rolls in again and Adam goes for a pin. Melvin gets his foot on the ropes at 2. Adam tries again and Melvin kicks out at 2. Melvin throws Adam from corner to corner and hits a back body drop. He locks in the bearhug. STD distracts the ref and Adam rakes the eyes. He locks in the sleeper and Melvin is out!

Adam Revolver (w/Shannon the Dude) vs. Michael Hayes.
Hayes goes right after Adam and Adam tries to take a breather on the outside. Hayes hits him outside and chases STD away. Hayes hits a big slam on the inside. Adam comes back with a neckbreaker for only 1. He rakes the face of Hayes and hits a Russian leg sweep for another 1 count. Adam applies some pressure points. Hayes slams his way out of it and fires away on Adam. He hooks up Adam, but Adam fights out and locks in the sleeper. Hayes fights back and hits the big slam for the 3!

"The Trinidad Titan" Justin Smooth (c) vs. Michael Hayes.
Hayes fires away, but Smooth drops him. He chokes him in the ropes and pounds and clubs him. He locks him in a submission. Hayes falls backward to break the hold. Hayes with the headbutts to the chest repeatedly of Smooth. He hits a backdrop and clotheslines Smooth to the outside. He rams Smooth into the apron and chops him hard. Smooth tries to pull Hayes back out and pulls off his leg. He trips Hayes and hits him with the leg. The ref calls for the bell.WINNER: HAYES by DQ, but STILL OVW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: SMOOTH.

After the match, Smooth comes back out and attacks Hayes again. He hits him with his leg until Dustin Jackson comes out and runs Smooth off Hayes tells Smooth he took the coward's way out and next time they meet up, the title's going home with him.

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