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By Jeremy Boone on 2019-05-13 08:30:00

AAW: Take No Prisoners - Logan Square Auditorium - Chicago, IL - 5/11/19

Attendance: 550 - SOLD OUT

PRE-SHOW - Fight For The Future - Taped Exclusively for AAW's YouTube Channel - Link

1. 1 Called Manders def. Ángel Dorado in 3:29

- Notes: Solid opener with Manders getting the pin after an Iowa Stampede  

MAIN SHOW - Art Of War

We are welcomed to Logan Square Auditorium by the commentary team of Tyler Volz & Marty DeRosa.  As Marty is running down the crowd, Jimmy Jacobs runs out from the back and complains that they have him booked for a scramble match.  A new talent may deserve to be on a random scramble match, but Jimmy Jacobs, the man who built AAW, deserves better.  He deserves a challenge and a match with meaning.  Out comes Mance Warner, who already has a match with MJF later tonight, enters the ring and begins to brawl with Jimmy until Jacobs escapes through the ropes and runs to the back. 

1. Jake Something def. Air Wolf and Trey Miguel via pinfall in 6:55

- Notes: Jake Something has been on fire the past year.  All men have a good match, with Trey Miguel showing a bit more aggression and hateful language as the Rascalz have been showing more attitude.  Jake Something hits the sidewalk slam on Air Wolf for the pin.

2. Kris Statlander def. Clayton Gainz (with Ace Austin) via rollup (5:52)

- Notes: Clayton enters thinking this match is a done deal. Kris gives him a challenge and catches Clayton off-guard with a surprise rollup.  Clayton leaves in anger as Ace yells that he is forgetting all of his workout gear.

3. Josh Alexander def. Adam Brooks via pinfall in 11:58

 - Notes: In my opinion, this was watch of the night.  An absolutely great match between the GLOAT and the Walking Weapon.  This is former AAW Heavyweight Champion Josh Alexander's first match back in AAW after 2.5 years.  After a very technical and competitive match, Josh Alexander wins via pinfall after a spinning tombstone piledriver.

4. The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz & Dezmond Xavier) def The Besties in the World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) via pinfall in 10:36

- Notes: The Rascalz, showing that they don't care anymore, attack the Besties in the middle of their entrance, leading to some of the loudest jeers of the night.  The Besties looked to be taking control, only for Trey Migel to come over and assist Wentz to get the pinfall.  After the match, all three of The Rascalz laid out the Besties needing the refs to run from the back to help break it up.  The Rascalz left the ring and overlooked the recovering Fitchett & Vega as they continued to argue from the top balcony.

5. Myron Reed def. TJP via pinfall in 13:54

- Notes: Myron Reed and TJ Perkins had a great back and forth match.  Myron Reed wins with a rolling thru a springboard hurricanrana.  Both men show respect for each other in ring after the match.

AAW Heritage Championship Match

6. The MJF (c) def. Mance Warner via pinfall in 11:53

Notes: Before the match began, MJF offered Mance Warner that if he was to lay down and let him get pinned, that he would but a call into his friends TK and Cody to have Mance become AEW's Barry Horowitz. After contemplating that big money to have a lot of light beers, Mancer told MJF to call up Tony Khan and tell him his boy is about to get his ass whooped.  The two brawled around the arena using chairs and even pulling out a door to be used.  As it came close to there becoming a new champion in Mancer, out comes Jimmy Jacobs with a kendo stick as he gets a chair set up on Mance Warner's head and slams it with a Kendo Stick.  With Mance Warner out cold, Jimmy Jacobs drags MJF on top of Mance for him to get the win.

Post Match - Marty Derosa interviews the champion post match asking him about how MJF said he was a fighting champion earlier in the night and would defend it anywhere and everywhere.  MJF clearly did not want to live up to his words, until Marty suggested that MJF would not want the crowd to tweet at Tony Khan or AEW letting them know they just signed a coward.  MJF instinctively says he will fight anybody right now, only for him to realize the words he just screamed out loud in regret.  Out comes Jake Something which leads to an impromptu AAW Heritage Championship Match...

AAW Heritage Championship Match 

7. Jake Something def. MJF (c) to win the AAW Heritage Championship via pinfall in 0:37

- Notes: Jake slammed MJF through the door to get an immediate win in less than a minute, bringing the gold back to WRSTLING.  The crowd loved it.

8. FATU (w/ Armando Alejandro Estrada) def. Ace Romero via pinfall in 9:01

- Notes: Armando Alejandro Estrada came out and tore down the crowd letting him know how much more beautiful his wife is compared to the fat cows in the audience.  He introduced his monster, FATU.  This led to his challenger Ace Romero.  FATU immediately destroyed Ace Romero and bloodied him up which led to PACO coming out to help save him.  FATU destroyed PACO in time for Acey Baby to recover and the two giant men battled back and forth.  FATU hits an impressive Samoa Drop on Romero and hits him with the moonsault for the win.

AAW Women's Championship Match

9. Jessicka Havok (c) def. Thunder Rosa via pinfall in 9:57

- Notes: In my opinion, Thunder Rosa is a great, charasmatic talent that has a bright future ahead of her.  A fantastic women's mach with led to Jessicka to retain the championship after Rosa attempted her black widow submission.  Havok reversed it into a tombstone piledriver for the win.  With this being Thunder Rosa's AAW Chicago debut, after the match she received an astounding please come back chant from Chicago.

10. The Lucha Bros (PENTA EL 0M & Rey Fenix) def. Team Tremendous (Dan Barry & Bill Carr) via pinfall in 9:18

- Notes: A very unique matchup that was extremely entertaining with the different styles meshing.  The Lucha Brothers win via pinfall when Fenix pinned Dan Berry. Post match, The Lucha Bros got on the microphone and stated how much they loved AAW since they first came to this company.  They call it the best Chicago wrestling company and how they have had so many great memories over the years.  Fenix thanks everyone involved in AAW as well as the fans for the memories over the years. 

AAW Heavyweight Championship Match   

11. Sami Callihan (c) (w/ JT Davidson) def. David Starr (w/ Jake Something) via pinfall in 25:59  

- Notes: This has been one of the most heated grudge matches over the years in AAW and has been building up for month.  David Starr has been showing pride how he is the definition of independent wrestling and how Sami Callihan has cared more about being signed as a corporate shill than time into AAW.  Sami, who believes himself to be the face of AAW has pushed back in great defiance.  The chemistry between both of these guys is fantastic and they had a great match, with each Starr and Sami trying to get a one up on each other.  The crowd was practically 90/10 behind Starr instead of Callihan. After the ref was accidentally knocked out, Starr had Sami in a sharpshooter and the ref missed Sami tapping out to Starr. As Starr was showing promise on becoming the new Champion, his WRSTLING teammate of Jake Something enters the ring turned on Starr with a sidewalk slam.  Sami hit a Cactus Driver 97 and then used Starr's own chinlock to get the win after being unresponsive.  Many in the crowd were absolutely shocked on Jake's turn and this led to the end of a fantastic event.

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