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By Dave Scherer on 2019-05-15 10:00:00

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How come WWE never advertises matches ahead of time? If they want ppl to tune in give them a reason I meant Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre and title match between Kofi and Bryan could draw a decent rating if advertised in advance.

They often do advertise them in advance, like this week.  They had matches out in advance.  But the bigger issue is getting the fans to care.  A few weeks ago they had a main event where the winner would be the first person to take on Seth Rollins for his Title.  20 percent of the audience from hour one was gone by hour three.  At this point, they need to make the stories interesting.  The fans that tune in just to watch matches still tune in. The fans that want good stories are those that are bailing on the product. 

And if they wanted to improve house show attendance, shouldn't they advertise them on Raw and Smackdown?

Absolutely!  It’s insane to me that they have five hours of TV every week and they never tell the fans where and when they can see the house shows.  It’s crazy.  They should also do blasts for the live events on their their social media as well.

Hi guys, got a quick question regarding Lio Rush.  I’ve read what’s been posted on the site, listened to what Mark Henry had to say and all I can say is WOW!  My question is this does Lio think before he speaks, or could this just be racked up to youth, being naive, or just completely out of touch with where he is currently is at within the hierarchy of WWE as far as entertainers go?  I mean some of the things that he’s said are completely mind boggling.

I never met him but it surely doesn’t seem like he does to me.  Then again, it could be that is exactly what he is trying to say, which would be another issue altogether.  Whatever the case, it doesn’t play well in a team type environment.

Can you think of one good reason Vince McMahon even has a creative team?  It can't be fun to be that micromanaged.

I have been told by a lot of people that it’s not fun.  The one good reason I can give you is someone has to write the scripts.  They do that.

I'm curious about something.  I've heard multiple wrestlers/performers say that for them professional wrestling is an art form.  A way for them to perform and create.  Obviously you hear this more from those who came up through the Indies and actually love professional wrestling.  My question is what percentage of wrestlers/sports entertainers do you feel are of that mindset?  Secondly, do you believe that mindset can help let's say AEW if they can offer competitive pay?  I mean it's no secret you can do much better from a creative standpoint outside of WWE's umbrella with the exception being NXT.

I can’t put a number on it but the vast majority of the people that I speak to see wrestling as a performance art, that includes WWE.  The fact of the matter is it’s also a job and one that takes a toll on the body so if someone is faced with choosing art over cash, most of the time money wins.  And I totally get that, it would win for me too.  If I have a finite period of time to earn, I want to make as much as I can.

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