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By Dave Scherer on 2019-05-12 16:50:00

Now that we are less than two weeks until All Elite Wrestling's Double Or Nothing PPV, program guides for services like Xfinity and Cox that use iNDemand are now listing the PPV as airing on Saturday May 25.

The Xfinity guide lists a price of $59.95, which is really, really stiff in my opinion.

Not that they asked me, but if they had I would have advised them to keep the price point at $19.95 and try to get more eyeballs on the fledgling product.  Given that they will start TV in the fall, and that will be the real genesis of the product, this show will kind of be a place holder.  In a world where we can watch WWE, ROH and NJ shows for around 10 dollars a month, expecting people to pay almost sixty dollars is a risky decision in my view.

Hopefully when the rumored announcement of the new TV deal on TNT takes place on Wednesday, a cheaper streaming option will be offered for the PPV.  

Note: we have heard from people that have told us Verizon and some cable companies are listing the show at $49.95. Verizon and DirecTV are among them.

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