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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-05-12 09:53:00

Josef Samael says that Barrington Hughes has been unstoppable but he has not faced Jacob Fatu. Jacob Fatu says that Barrington Hughes talks about being undefeated. Simon Gotch says the mighty will fall. Josef Samael says that Barrington Hughes’ streak ends tonight.

We are in New York City and your announcers are Jim Cornette and Rich Bocchini.

Match Number One: Air Wolf versus Rey Fenix

They shake hands before locking up. Fenix with a waist lock take down and an arm bar. They go for a test of strength and Fenix with a wrist lock and head scissors. Wolf with a surfboard but Fenix with a mule kick to escape. Fenix with a wrist lock but Wolf with a reversal using the ropes and a double wrist lock. Fenix with a wrist lock take down using the ropes.

Wolf with a chop and Fenix chops back. They go back and forth. Wolf blocks a kick and goes for a German suplex but Fenix blocks it and connects with elbows. Wolf with a springboard arm drag but Fenix with a chop and springboard wrist lock take down that sends Wolf to the floor. Wolf with a head scissors that sends Fenix to the floor and Wolf with a plancha. Wolf sends Fenix back into the ring and goes up top and leaps over Fenix. Wolf with a waist lock to counter a rolling cutter attempt by Fenix. Wolf with a snap German suplex but Fenix with a crescent kick. Wofl with a Germna suplex for a near fall. Wolf with a double underhook but Fenix escapes and connects with a kick. Wolf kicks Fenix away and kicks Fenix from the apron. Wolf with a slingshot flatliner for a near fall.

Wolf goes for a butterfly suplex into the ring but Fenix blocks it and Fenix with chops. Wolf with a punch. Fenix with a rolling drop kick and both men are down. Fenix puts Wolf in the ropes and Fenix walks the ropes and kicks Wolf in the head to get a near fall. Fenix with a springboard jumping back heel kick. Fenix chops Wolf and Fenix goes for a muscle buster but Wolf gets to his feet. Wolf with a butterfly brainbuster for a near fall. Wolf goes for a double underhook move but Fenix escapes. Fenix with a springboard jumping back heel kick that stops Wolf on the turnbuckles. Fenix with a muscle buster attempt but Wolf with a rollup for the three count.

Winner: Air Wolf

We are told that Austin Aries is coming soon to MLW.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the upset victory by Air Wolf over Rey Fenix.

We see what happened last week when Sami Callihan made his way into the building despite being banned. We also see Mance Warner attacking LA Park.

Salina de la Renta is in the back and she is asked about what happened at the end of last week’s show. Salina says that she has to deal with Sami Callihan and Mance Warner. You have messed with the queen. Salina makes a challenge to Mance and Sami.

Match Number Two: Jacob Fatu versus Barrington Hughes

The referee does his best to keep Fatu and Hughes from doing anything before the bell. Hughes with punches and Ftu punches back. Fatu with a chop and Hughes chops back. Hughes with a splash into the corner. Fatu with a super kick and corkscrew senton from the turnbuckles for the three count.

Winner: Jacob Fatu

We go to the latest H2 with the Hart Foundation. Teddy says he hopes to get another good match against the Lucha Brothers. Teddy has some words for Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Teddy says that competition is going to get stiffer and stiffer with the new talent. He says competition will make Brian a better wrestler and a better person. Brian Pillman Jr. says they respect Rich Swann, but he says he will not lay down for him when he tries for the National Title. Brian says they are missing a belt for him. The title was created so the Hart Foundation could have all the gold.

Alexander Hammerstone says he hasn’t thought about his plan for tonight. He has been busy planning his celebration when he wins this tournament. He says he will be bringing in the entire family to celebrate. He says Gringo Loco is not putting the brakes on his celebration plans. His plan is to be the biggest and strongest guy in MLW.

We go to the Fury Road Control Center. It will happen on June 1st in Milwaukee. We will see the first MLW National Openweight Champion crowned.

We are reminded that Marshall and Ross Von Erich have signed with MLW and they will make their MLW debut in Milwaukee.

Tom Lawlor says they say you don’t know which way to go when you are caught in an avalanche. You have to put down some spit to find out which direction to go. He has been drowning his opponents in sweat, tears, and spit. Avalanche, you will be no different. The only abominable snowman is the one you are looking at.

We are told that Tom Lawlor will defend the MLW Championship in two weeks against Avalanche.

Match Number Three: Ariel Dominguez versus Bryan Idol

Dominguez goes for the leg but Idol kicks him away. Dominguez goes for the leg again and takes Idol to the mat and gets a near fall. Ariel with a rollup for a near fall. Idol with a knee to the head. Idol with a chop and a running knee into the corner and a drop kick. Idol with knees and a butterfly suplex into the turnbuckles.

Idol with a Jericho cover. Dominguez with punchesa nd chops but Idol catches Dominguez on a cross body attempt and Idol with a side slam for a near fall. Dominguez blocks a suplex but Idol holds on and hits a shoulder breaker for a near fall. Idol with a knee drop and he goes up top and misses a moonsault when Dominguez moves. Ariel with a clothesline and forearms and a drop kick. Dominguez with a kick and suplex followed by a super kick for a near fall.

Idol holds on to the ropes on an O’Connor Roll attempt. Idol with a punch for a near fall. Idol sends Dominguez to the apron and Idol stops Dominguez on a springboard move but Dominguez counters into a DDT for a near fall. Dominguez with a rollup the three count.

Winner: Ariel Dominguez

We take a look at the challenge made earlier tonight by Salina de la Renta for Sami Callihan and Mance Warner.

Mance Warner and Sami Callihan talk about the challenge. Sami does not care what they are called, but bring Ricky Martinez and LA Park. You have ruined them from beating the hell out of each other to prove who the better fighter was. Sami enjoyed collecting the money from Salina but he hated her. If you want to challenge them to a tag match, they will accept. Mance says this is not a tag team match. Mance says they ain’t gonna cut the ring off. They gonna beat the s*** outta y’all. Mance accepts the challenge. Sami says they will set the world on fire.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at Salina de la Renta in the back with Low Ki thanks to a secret camera. Salina and Low Ki talk about their partnership and how it is up for renegotiation. Salina says that Low Ki does not realize what she has been doing for them. Salina mentions everything that she is doing. Low Ki says now the promoter is becoming the star. Salina tells Low Ki not to compare him to others. Salina tells Mr. Sylvestri that they should take their conversation elsewhere.

Match Number Four: Alexander Hammerstone versus Gringo Loco in a National Openweight Championship Tournament Semifinal Match

They lock up and Loco with a wrist lock. Hammerstone pushes Loco away. Loco with a waist lock into a side head lock. Hammerstone picks up Loco but Loco gets back to his feet. Hammerstone tosses Loco aside. Hammerstone runs into a foot and then Loco floats over Hammerstone. Loco with a thrust kick to the knee and another kick. Loco with a standing moonsault to the back. Loco with a chop.

Loco with a head scissors take down and Hammerstone goes to the floor. Loco teases a dive but Hammerstone moves and Loco springboard into the center of the ring. Hammerstone with a kick to stop a suicide dive attempt. Hammerstone punches Loco. Hammerstone hot shots Loco on the apron. Loco with a shoulder from the apron and then he goes up top and hits a moonsault for a near fall. Loco with strikes to Hammerstone. Hammerstone with an Irish whip but Loco with a back body drop. Loco goes up top but Hammerstone crotches him. Hammerstone with a superplex attempt but Loco with a head butt to knock Hammerstone to the mat. Hammerstone with a drop kick to stop Loco.

Hammerstone hits a superplex followed by the Nightmare Pendulum for the three count.

Winner: Alexander Hammerstone (Advances to finals)

We are told that the other semifinal match will take place next week when Brian Pillman Jr. faces Rich Swann.

The match with Mance Warner and Sami Callihan versus Hijo de LA Park and Ricky Martinez.

Alexander Hammerstone says he is one victory from the National Openweight Championship. He says you do not describe him as a prospect. He says he has destiny and that is why he is your next National Champion.

We go to credits.

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