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By Lee Delbridge on 2019-05-11 20:37:00

The Utilita Arena was absolutely packed, definitely a sell out with minimal empty seats.

1) Beth Phoenix and Natalya defeated Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan - great opener to get the crowd excited and we loved Beth and Nattie! Liv is awesome too, great comic work from her and very loud! Double sharpshooter submission for the victory! 

2) Apollo Crews defeated Mojo Rawley - Apollo got a small pop but nobody cared for Mojo or the match mainly. Apollo did do a dive which was a rarity on the show and finished Mojo off with the standing moonsault!

Then it's the Top Guys to run in attack poor Apollo. They run down the crowd and say we don't deserve to see them compete tonight, they are about to leave when Aleister Black's music starts to a big ovation! Followed by Ricochet who people loved too. Leading into...

3) Ricochet and Aleister Black defeated The Revival - definitely the best in ring match on the show, so many near falls with Revival seemingly squeaking out the win only for Black to come back late on and hit Black Mass for the extremely popular win.

4) WALTER defeated Pete Dunne to retain the UK Championship - really nice surprise for the show as I know they hadn't competed on the other Raw shows. Unfortunately, half the crowd didn't seem to know who WALTER was, which is a shame. Such a beast though and the crowd were fully behind Dunne but alas he fell to the powerbomb. Much shorter than you would expect but fun nonetheless. 

Ladies and Gentlemen....Elias!

He was on fantastic form with the crowd loving all his catchphrases. He then states he will take a request, he hears "Wonderwall" by Oasis and sure enough he plays and we all sing along...until he sings his own lyrics obviously knocking Newcastle and our football team! Thankfully Finn Balor interrupts and we have another title match!

5) Finn Balor defeated Elias to retain the Intercontinental Championship - a great match here with Finn seemingly getting the quick victory but Elias chops him on the turnbuckle and takes control. Good back and forth action before the Coup de Gras for the win.


6) Titus O'Neil defeated EC3 - this was definitely a match to ease us back in but my goodness did Titus have support, some of the loudest of the night! In a short match Titus hits his finisher for a big pop.

7) Becky Lynch defeated Tamina and Lacey Evans to retain the Raw Women's Championship - Becky was insanely popular, definitely the biggest pop and chants of the night. Lacey and Tamina didn't get much reactions coming out but booed heavily when attacking Lynch. Tamina almost won the match when Lacey was a little late on a break up. In the end Lynch took out Evans and put the Disarmher on Tamina for a tap out win.

8) Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman defeated Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley - Corbin got booed heavily, Drew got some boos and cheers for being a brit, Lashley got pretty much no reaction. Braun got a huge pop, then Seth got a monster one to rival Becky. Roman came out last to a good pop too. This was a typical 6-man main event we have seen before, Braun was in the face in peril situation despite being the biggest man. Seth hit a dive to the outside on Corbin, Braun bodyslammed Drew which left Roman to hit his spear and pin Lashley to send everyone home.

Overall this was a very enjoyable show. It was my third live event after April 2005 and November 2014 but this was the best of the bunch. Fun family friendly environment and definitely recommend over TV tapings! 

Top Pops

1. Becky Lynch 

2. Seth Rollins 

3. Braun and Roman 

4. Let’s Go Titus!

5. Finn Balor

Top Heat

1. Baron Corbin 

2. The Revival 

3. Elias for dissing Newcastle 

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