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By Mike Johnson on 2019-05-11 22:00:00

Ring of Honor War of the Worlds tour results from Grand Rapids, Michigan at the DeltaPlex:

*Coast 2 Coast defeated Alex Coughlin & Karl Fredericks.

*Women of Honor Champion Kelly Klein defeated Stacy Shadows.  The Allure come out and attack Shadows.  Klein tried to intervene but is sprayed in the eyes with hairspray and blinded.

*They announced PCO vs. Mark Haskins is canceled due to PCO being unable to compete.

*Dalton Castle defeated Cheeseburger & Clark Connors when he pinned Cheeseburger with the Bangarang.

*ROH Champion Matt Taven & Vinnie Marseglia & TK O'Ryan defeated The Guerrilla of Destiny and Hikuleo when Marseglia scored the pin after Taven struck him with the ROH title belt.

Mark Haskins came out and challenged Taven for a title match tonight.  Taven refused but changed his mind after Haskins asked if Mike and Maria Kanellis kept his b***s with them when they left ROH.  So, that match is  set for later tonight.

*Flip Gordon pinned Rhett Titus.

*EVIL and SANADA defeated The Bouncers.

*Tracy Williams defeated Rush, Eli Isom and PJ Black in a Four Corners bout in order to earn a title shot at ROH Champion Matt Taven at the 6/1 ROH debut in Kent, Washington.

*ROH Champion Matt Taven pinned Mark Haskins after a low blow.  Bully Ray distracted Haskins.  PCO arrived after the match and laid out Taven.

*Jay Lethal & Yuji Nagata & Hirooki Goto & Jeff Cobb & Satoshi Kojima defeated Bully Ray & ROH TV ChampionShane Taylor, &Silas Young & Mark and Jay Briscoe when Kojima pinned Bully with a running lariat.

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