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By Dave Scherer on 2019-05-13 10:00:00

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I know John Cena has never outright claimed to have never worked the indy scene, but I’ve seen clips of him wrestling Frankie Kazarian as Prototype. (oddly enough, a babyface prototype) and I know he worked in developmental WWE in OVW. My question is; discounting developmental, how many indy promotions has John Cena worked for and why isn’t this made more public? I feel that when fans rallied against him against CM Punk and AJ Styles it was mainly due to his lack of time on the indy scene but clearly Cena has spent some time somewhere, so that wasn’t a valid reason to hate him. 

I honestly don't know how much indy work he did.  I seem to remember him working the New England area before OVW.  But why wasn't it made more public?  Because WWE and Cena literally couldn't care less about fans that hate him for that reason.  I don't blame them either, it's a really dumb reason to hate someone in my opinion.

So is Vince and his continued use of the phrase “that was my idea” and things of that sort his way of letting on that he knows what journalists such as yourself are saying about what his product is and what the problems are?

Well, he knows there are problems at least.  He has made the drop in ratings part of his own storylines.  With that said, much like the answer I gave above Vince couldn't care less what people like me think.

So, just for a name, let's pretend Ricky Steamboat is a producer on the main roster, or a trainer/producer for the PC-NXT, and actually still physically able to wrestle. Does a trainer/producer's contract allow them to take outside wrestling gigs, or just "appearances?" Or, I assume there's really no time for them to make other wrestling dates.

If he were to negotiate that, like Samoa Joe did when he came in, yes.  But in almost all cases that isn't an option.  And frankly, it shouldn't be in my opinion.  

In the past you have said the WWE monitors certain wrestling sites. With pwinsider being 1 of them. 99% of my wrestling info comes from ur site. If they are looking at these sites , they can’t possibly think this stuff is good or positive. Lets keep throwing Shane out there to beat the Miz and outsmart Roman. Lets send EC3 out their on Main Event to lose to Tyler Breeze! Are u kidding me? 

They really only monitor sites like ours to see what's getting out about their product, and to see what the other promotions are doing, etc.  As I said above, Vince himself doesn't care what we think and we don't have to tell most of the people that work there how bad the overall product is at the moment.  They are living it.

I read a wrestling promoter say the following: "I find it humorous so many people are “concerned” over the WWE ratings. Lets see...they just landed a billion dollar plus deal with a MAJOR broadcast network. They’ve figured out how to make WrestleMania truly a cash cow. They’ve got back into the international sold show business. They’re cash rich. Yeah, lots to be concerned over."  So how important are the ratings with this taken into consideration?

Whoever said that is the kind of person who could have turned Sears into Amazon decades ago but didn’t see the future.  As I have said many times. WWE has no issues for the next few years.  They have plenty of cash coming in for now.  But what happens in four years when they start negotiating new deals?  A lot of the money they got now was based on past performance.  If things slide, and TV networks lose more viewers, the money that’s there now may not be there then, even if WWE’s numbers rise.  Plus remember this, WCW was doing two million viewers for Nitro and the plug got pulled.  That indy promoter is looking at today, where he is right.  He is not looking down the road.

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