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By Mike Johnson on 2019-05-10 10:00:00

Is there any update on the Tammy Sytch case?

Sytch is scheduled for a hearing on 5/16 regarding the revocation of her parole and remains incarcerated in Carbon County Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania.  My assumption is the 5/16 hearing will be postponed as Sytch's lawyer, who just took her on as a client, has requested to be removed as her counsel.

With the obvious announcement of AEW getting TV, what's the most exciting thing you are looking forward to?

Honestly, the thing that will be the most fascinating to me, beyond the in-ring product, which looks to be strong based on the talents being hired, is whether AEW can truly change the culture of what pro wrestling is on a national level for mainstream fans and grow the fan base overall.  We know they will be the darlings of diehard fans, but can they attract (and long-term, keep) an audience week to week for a product that will obviously be based on what "smart" or "inside" diehard fans want?  We don't know, because it's never been attempted at this level.  They sold out All In based on excitement that fans who know what they can offer had.  But, can they light a flame and expand the pro wrestling bubble?  It would be great.  It's going to be very interesting to me because this promotion will have the potential to be in far more homes than ECW ever was and that's the closest comparison of a group that played directly to "diehard" fans that I can think of.  AEW have already changed the water table with their salaries and with their lofty goals, as we've seen by how WWE has responded, but If AEW can attract new fans who fall in love with the product who weren't already die-hard fans, they will have changed the game, for the better.   Can they get the average viewer toi invest their time and hopefully, part with their money for AEW PPVs, merchandise, etc.?  That's a great question and one we don't have an answer to.  WCW was able to grab the attention of wrestling fans and make themselves the primary promotion that was talked about, for a period of time, here in the United States but they did so with a lot of WWE names and with decades of exposure on TBS as their foundation.  AEW is going to go on TV and PPV completely fresh with relatively few WWE-level names, but if they can accomplish anything even remotely similar, that's going to be the story and that's what to me, will be fascinating to follow.    Their marathon starts when their TV debuts.

Do you think Dean Malenko ends up there as an agent like Jerry Lynn?

I'd be shocked if he didn't.  The style he performed in the ring fits with what will obviously be their bread and butter like a glove.

Why are the Raw stars now working Smackdown shows in Europe?

They were already scheduled to work the dates because of logistics and work visas.  They couldn't change their itineraties this late in the game.

That Al Snow-Rockin' Rebel story you mentioned from Al Snow's book - that surely can't be true can it? 

I checked with several who worked for Impact Wrestling over the last few days and was told it was indeed true.

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