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By Adam Cardoza on 2019-05-08 22:37:00

Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory: Episode 6”

5/8/19 Worcester, MA

Ye gods, where do I start? It’s Beyond’s 10th Anniversary party tonight! There’s cake! We’re fresh off Chris Dickinson’s victory at “Lethal Lottery” where he challenged Daisuke Sekimoto at Americanrana. We’re also fresh off the return of Josh Briggs to a Beyond ring when he answered a returning VSK’s open challenge. Now these two bulls are going to collide for the first time in Worcester. Orange Cassidy defends his IWTV Title against Jordynne Grace. Matt Cross is scheduled to face Joey Janela and we have a Wednesday Night Deathmatch between Ricky Shane Page and Eric Ryan. I can see Retrosexual Anthony Greene (who had a stellar match with Stevie Richards in Sunday) joins Paul Crockett in the announce booth, replacing Briggs. It’s gonna be a wild night.

The Beyond Originals hit the ring to celebrate the 10 year anniversary. Johnny Cockstrong, Matt Cross, Johnny Hardway Nicholas Kaye, Eric Corvis, Chase Burnett, Zayn Silver, Jefferson Saint, Anthony Stone, & Ricky Shane Page are all here to honor the occasion.

Chris Dickinson joins them to remind everyone that he won Lethal Lottery. He wants the biggest and best on the road to Americanrana. He calls out Josh Briggs for their match right now!

Match 1: Josh Briggs vs Chris Dickinson

Crowd is hot for this opener. They trade holds, Dickinson trying to work over Briggs’ arm and shoulder. Briggs works on Chris’ knee but Dickinson quickly reverses Into a cloverleaf, sending Briggs scrambling for the ropes to protect his previously injured leg. Briggs battles back and has the Dirty Daddy on wobbly legs with some strikes and slams. He makes a point to shout out to Paul Crockett, his ex-commentary partner in the booth. Briggs hits a backbreaker on Dickinson but he may have done more damage to himself. Chris smells blood and starts kicking out Josh’s leg. Briggs back with a yakuza kick to send Dickinson to the floor. Fortunately, a camera person was there to catch the action as Briggs missed a dive but caught Dickinson running into an apron chokeslam. Briggs is hopping on one leg as Dickinson fires back with clotheslines, sending the big man inside out. Briggs tried to climb to the top but Dickinson yanks him off and locks in a modified trailer hitch but we get a rope break. Dickinson misses a high kick and Briggs hits a back suplex style GTS. Briggs goes for his new chokeslam/powerbomb finish but Dickinson rolls through, locks on that trailer hitch again and Briggs taps!

Winner: Chris Dickinson

I question having Briggs lose so soon after coming back but it WAS against Beyond’s top guy. That said, having his new finisher reversed so soon kind of kills the move for me a little. Briggs did just come back from having a full hip dislocation and the action was super solid throughout the match. Awesome work here from both guys. Dickinson praises Briggs on the mic and calls out Eddie Kingston for next week. That’s gonna be a war!

It’s Discover Gauntlet time. You gotta win it to stay in it. Thomas Santell won the top spot last week against Mantis Montesanti. Let’s see how he does against tonight’s test: “Big Bacon” Brad Hollister

Match 2: Thomas Santell vs Brad Hollister

Santell is REALLY over with the Worcester crowd, with chants of “nerd!” and “ovaltine” rolling through the room. Hollister is a thicc boi. Hollister won’t fall for Santell’s faux-meek dropped glasses fake out, he watched last week’s episode! They kick the glasses back and forth, the crowd into every move and they really want Brad to pick those glasses up. Hollister picks up Santell and slams him down to signal the match start. This is a wrestling match! Both guys grappling back and forth but Santell is the one forcing Hollister to rope breaks more often. Hollister starts to muscle Santell down in a test of strength but Santell keeps the reversals on and sends Hollister to the ropes. Hollister starts getting “turkey bacon” chants as he tries to convince the ref that Santell is holding his tights. Hollister keeps muscling and Santell sinks in a deep ankle lock but Hollister reverses onto one of his own! Forearms and uppercuts in the center until Brad hits a press slam for a close two. Eeeek! Hollister working him in the corner and Santell hits a rock bottom into a choke. Hollister escapes and tosses Santell to the corner! Santell dodges a charge with an eye poke and catches a rear naked choke but Hollister power outs. Sitout powerbomb from Brad for a close two. Santell with a flying armbar into a cross face. They trade Germans and lay each other out with clotheslines. Hollister with a series of headbutts but Santell pops back in with a saito suplex and crossface. Hollister powers out but Santell rolls him up for the three. Fan. Damn. Tastic. This was great. Definitely the most over I’ve seen the DG match be so far.

Winner: Thomas Santell

Santell passes Ovaltine to the audience. This is awesome. Can not believe how quick he got over with this crowd. Beyond hit a home run with him.

They announce next is the 6-man Beyond Throwback match contested under warehouse rules. What’s that? This is a bunch of the guys who started with Beyond back in Ohio.

Match 3: Johnny C*ckstrong, Hardway Nicholas Kaye, Eric Corvis vs Chase Burnett, Zayn Silver & Jefferson Saint

It’s a wild 6-way brawl. All chaos, fighting everywhere, spots for days. Corvis gets a Boston crab/surfboard comb sub on two of his opponents. Good visual there. Cockstrong uses his strongest asset to torture Saint and both teams roll him back and forth on his face. Burnett with a dropkick crucifix bomb on Kaye for a near fall. Burnett with a destroyer off the top on Corvis and a follow up Pele kick for a near fall. Cockstrong getting up for a “package” piledriver but Silver cuts him off. C*ckstrong catches him with a white noise piledriver from the top to the turnbuckle for the pin. Jesus Christ!

Winner: C*ckstrong, Kaye & Corvis

Apart from C*ckstrong, most of the guys in this match were unknown to this crowd but by the end, they were chanting for 5 more minutes. Huge spotfest but very entertaining.

Match 4: Joey Janela vs Matt Cross

Janela is recently back from injury and Cross made his return to Beyond last Sunday at Lethal Lottery in a fun contest with Gabriel Skye. This is a first time contest between these two. Cross keeps the high energy offense up but Janela does a good job of staying on top of the vet. Janela seems more interested in getting people to snake hiss at him or tell him that he f***s. Cross doesn’t lose focus, catching Janela with a springboard elbow and cross body for a near fall. Cross with a double stomp and yazkuza kick to Janela for a near fall. Janela with a sitout DVD and a HUGE frog splash for a two count. Cross rolls through a pin attempt and hits a double stomp for a kick out. Cross goes for a split leg moonsault but eat knees. Janela with some running forearms and a lariat, goes for a package piledriver but Cross tosses him out. Tope suicida and a headspringboard cutter for a near fall. Trading chops in the center until cross goes for that cutter again. Janela reverses and hits the package piledriver for the pin.

Winner: Joey Janela

Solid back and forth match but the crowd was so on Janela’s side for this one. Took them a few minutes to find the rhythm but when they clicked, it was very good. Janela on the mic says that he’s wanted this match since he was 14 because across inspired him to jump off of everything taller than 10 feet. Cross on the mic apologizes for being that influence. ;)

Match 5: Orange Cassidy(c) vs Jordynne Grace (for the IWTV Championship)

It’s Cassidy’s 14th defense tonight in his 100+ day reign as IWTV champ. Cassidy and Grace have a quick pose down but Grace steals his shades. An annoyed Cassidy challenged her to a test of strength but hands go in pockets and here we go. Cassidy’s in pocket sequences are so unfairly smooth as he keeps Grace at bay. Hands come out and Jordynne goes to work. Near fall on a spine buster and Grace is stomping him out. She traps his hands in his pockets (“That’s where you like them!”) and beat son him some more. Huge jackhammer for a near fall. Cassidy getting chopped around the ring. Jordynne has him on the outside and invites someone from the crowd to let her body slam them onto Cassidy. Cassidy back up and gets a fan to bodyslam him onto Jordynne. Jordynne back with a Senton for a near fall and lariat for another. Orange getting clubbed to the deck for more pin attempts. Cassidy catches her with a blue thunder bomb for a two count. He’s drinking the juice! She slaps it out of his mouth. Sitout tomestone. That’s it! Cassidy kicks out! Jordynne hitting Germans and Orange slips a roll up for the pin!

Winner: Orange Cassidy

Solid Cassidy match with early goofs and good wrestling towards the end. Grace looked like a beast throughout but it wasn’t her night.

We’re setting up for the death match so I’m gonna eat this celebration. UPDATE: It was good cake.

Main Event: Ricky Shane Page vs Eric Ryan (Death Match)

There’s a door covered in barbed wire. Two boards covered in forks. A bat covered in forks. Chairs. I see a box of unknown contents.

CHUCK O’NEIL IS OUT! He’s here to bash the death match guys on the mic and let everyone know what a joke this is. It’s not legit! Rory Gulak here with a barbed wire bat to chase Chuck off. Chuck is likely going to destroy him mercilessly next week.

Back in the ring, we have a match! They trade some shots and pinning combinations until RSP grabs the fork bat and blasts Ryan in the head. Ryan’s bleedin’. Page tosses him across the ring, narrowly missing the fork board. Page sets up the fork board across two chair and the crowd is chanting for him to get forked up. Page is gushing and Ryan is just stabbing him in the face. Coast to coast on page to the forkboard. Ryan misses a top rope legdrop and RSP throws a chair into his head. Ryan pulls forks from his pants and proceeds to stab RSP in the arm until a fork sticks. RSP puts him through a door. Ryan pulls out SYRINGES...he stabs Page through each cheek and sprays liquid from both sides. Oh my gonononononononoooooooooo. Page with a shopping cart....covered in forks. RSP powerbombs him through it from the top. Kick out. Page tosses him through another fork board. Kick out. Eric back with a German and powerbomb for a two count. RSP with a backbreaker onto a barbed wire bat. All the Beyond originals are at ringside to cheer this on. Barbed wire door set up on two chair. RSP piledrives Ryan through the door from the top rope and gets the pin. My god. This was a rough watch but again, the crowd was so hot for this. That syringe spot though.

Winner: Ricky Shane Page

RSP on the mic says that Beyond started in a backyard in Ohio and he’s honored that Denver Colorado calls him a co-founder of Beyond.

And that’s it! Beyond’s 10th Anniversary Show and 6th episode of the Uncharted Territory is in the can. That was awesome. The crowd is has been hot to death for the last couple of weeks and it seems like everything is clicking for these shows. As always, a great variety of action and storytelling in a tight two hour package. Until next week!


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